Friday, August 9, 2013

July 9- Happy Fourth and Fun Miracles

Oh hey Fam!!

Ok so first I have to give a shout out to mom for being the greatest mom and drama teacher ever! With this leadership position we do lots of training with the other Sisters and I have used MANY acting tricks with them and it has been really awesome! I have obviously tweaked them a little for missionary purposes but it has been really cool! I will give you an example! For some reason every missionary who ever is on a mission has this weird idea that missionaries "sound" a certain way (and it makes me nuts) I call it the "missionary voice" or the "spirit voice" which is actually just when missionaries get this weird tone that actually doesn't do anything but make them sound weird (If you have been a missionary than you know what I mean). SO I had one of the Sister's teach me something and she leaned forward lowered her voice and looked at me and said "Our Heavenly Father has a plan for you." all "spirit voice like" so I paused her and asked her to just tell me about the plan don't "teach" me. As if I was just her best friend and so she started and was all over the place and not really actually teaching... so I paused her again and said sincerely, "This is the most important message I am ever going to here. You are the only one that may ever have a chance to tell me about it." She asked if her voice was allowed to change? and I told her of course Sincerity it different than the spirit voice. Sincerity will bring the spirit. She paused and thought about it for a moment and then she began to teach, and the spirit just filled the room. I felt every word that came out of her mouth, and I was on the edge of my seat because I could tell that she knew and wanted to tell me. It was really cool. So thanks mom :)

I love being a missionary so much! I am so blessed to rub shoulders with so many amazing people! I learn so much about myself and about this great work! This week has been truly full of miracles day after day. We are teaching some amazing people right now. One being Debbie who I talked a little about last time. We will be seeing her later tonight to teach her all about the plan of salvation which is so exciting :) We also are teaching a man named Steven, He is the son of a woman who has been a less active most of her life and just decided to come back so we are teaching them and man Heavenly Father has just been blessing us with these solid people to bring into the gospel and we just happen to be in the right place at the right time (ok I actually don't believe in coincidences I know that Heavenly Father has been leading us all a long to be able and prepared to teach such amazing individuals!) mm love it! Oh and we have made some great progress with Mary! She is a born again christian and LOVES Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ but is trying to figure out, if she can feel the spirit in all churches why there would be just one with his authority. Which is a great question. So we have been helping her understand about the apostasy and just why there are so many churches with the same source all teaching different things. And why it's so important to know which one is Heavenly Fathers. So it's been amazing. I love that woman!

Tomorrow night my Zone is putting together a Musical Fireside and Sister Borland and I are singing at it. We are singing "Come thou Fount" and it should be really wonderful! It's been interesting though. I have been missing my voice for the last almost 6 weeks (which is hard as a missionary) so I am just praying that is will be here tomorrow... So it will be wonderful because I know even if I can't sing how I would like I know that the Spirit with be there to carry the message to everyone's hearts.
Let's see... Oh yeah the fourth of july happened too (haha wow this is oober long!) We had such a wonderful fourth! We went to a block party at the bishops. They had food and fun and fireworks! I took fun pictures of everyone and all the sparklers. And some hooligan kids bought the big fireworks so we got to see some of those too. ha it was really fun! We are so blessed to be in such a great area where we are take care of and loved so much!
We have had a couple of meetings relating to building the mission and allowing the grace of Jesus Christ to really fuel us, and heal us, and change us, and I love that topic! I also have loved studying in the Book of Mormon. There is a part where Captain Moroni is preparing for war against the Lamanites and he continually is preparing (Alma 48-50. go read 'em). He doesn't ever stop. Even after they have successfully beat them, and caught them off guard. I feel that is the same in our lives. We may feel safe and comfortable where we are but we must always keep our guard up against Satan and always be preparing because he is! As we daily pray and read our scriptures and go to church we are doing what is required each day to continually stay strong. So if anyone has been slacken on any of those things, I invite you to pick it back up, build that part of your wall, and don't allow the enemy in! I love you all so very much and hope you have an amazing week!!! LOVE YOU!

Sister Stones

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