Friday, August 9, 2013

July 22- Lovin' bein' a missionary

This was such a fun week! Man oh man I am so excited to get emails from Jonathan and to feel his fire! We had an interesting start to our day so it pushed our time to write emails to later and I am so thankful or I would have had to wait an entire week before getting to hear from him! Oh hey also does anyone have his mailing address? That would be good to have! :) Man oh man I love my little brother!

This week has been loads of fun! I'll start at the beginning of the week and give you the run down.
Tuesday we had district meeting and played Jeopardy! It was hilarious! Sister Borland and I are the only companionship that stayed together in our district and most everyone was new. The topics were Book of Mormon, Preach my Gospel, New Testament, Doctrine and Covenants, Hymns, Prophets, and Random. We were put into teams and I was keeping score so I asked the other team to come up with a name and Elder Staley said, "I don't know." and I said "WE DO" So those became our team names. hahaha It was hilarious! It was the most fun game of Jeopardy I had ever played, probably because I could answer all of the questions. Sister Borland and I were on opposite teams so it actually ended up that everyone was helping with all the questions haha. It was great! Afterward though... not so great. Sister Borland had to go to the doctor because she hurt her knee 6 weeks ago (We were playing gator-ball and she got pummeled by a Samoan... not on purpose they just both went for the ball and she lost! We thought her knee would get better on it's own but... it hasn't so off we went.) She was so scared! This was the first time she had gone to the doctor.. ever... welp good thing I was a pro. We aren't sure what is wrong with it quite yet we have to get a MRI of it to see what up. SO please keep her in your prayers.
After we came home and had a little melt down. We picked ourselves up and went to work. And had 2 really amazing lessons. With Bonnie and Carrie.
We taught Bonnie the plan of Salvation. It is one of my favorite lessons to teach and I haven't been able to teach it that often. Her little kids LOVED it though. They love when we come over and talk about Jesus (they are Samantha (5), Jackson (5), and Robert (3)) and when they all get excited they stutter which usually comes out as "I I I I I I LOVE JEEEESUS". or "a a a a and he saw JEEEESUS." (referring to Joseph Smith). So as we were teaching the plan of salvation they kept mixing different things up (which made me just giggle) and then Robert's eyes got really huge and he stood up and said, "I I I I have a perrrrrfect BOOODY" with his shirt lifted up and patting his stomach. We then explained that, that is the goal but first we have to keep being good here. Haha I love the fish family!!
And then we went over to Carrie's house and taught her all about feeling the spirit and recognizing answers that we receive. She is really awesome and progressing to know her Savior more and it is really cool to be apart of.

We went on exchanges with some sisters on Thursday and I went to Ashburn and trained Sister Heidi Loar! Which was SO much fun! Because we knew each other before the mission, and even hung out with the same people so we did a blast from the past! Which was crazy but lots of fun! And then we went and taught some great lessons!

I spoke in church on sunday. First time on my mission. I thought I was going to make it without speaking. haha no such luck. BUT Mary came!! That was amazing! And then we had a lesson with her at 8 that night and the spirit was so strong and she recognized it! So many amazing miracles and fun memories this week!

Oh and fun fact... I hit my YEAR MARK on Thursday!!! What?! That is nuts! Really I don't believe it! I will be on exchanges that day. SO I will celebrate with a high five to myself and then I'll dance a little and cry a little! haha. I really have been so blessed being on a mission and have learned so much I couldn't have ever learned any other way! I love being a missionary!
Love you all!!
Hope you have a fabulous week! And everyone eat ice cream on thursday!! :) LOVE YOU!
Love Sister Stones
 This is my scared little companion!
SISTER LOAR! So much Fun.


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