Friday, August 9, 2013

July 15- I am a drama queen :) Nuff said!

Oh hey family hey!!

This week we had transfers and I am safe! Still here in Gainesville with the wonderful Sister Borland as Sister Trainer leaders! And loving every minute of it! She seriously is so amazing and such a goof! I realized I haven't really said much about her, but she is so great! And brilliant in all things. That's currently our running joke. I (who doesn't know very much) asks her What does that mean? or What is that? or Why is that (because I am a toddler apparently) and she either answers with a super profound answer (which is so mind blowing) or "Why would I know?" Which I than respond "because you know EVERYTHING!" hahaha I love it! I am learning SO much!

I had to go to the foot doctor this week to figure out why my foot has been bothering me and why I have been having a hard time walking on it and they took an xray and saw that my bones are too close together and are squishing my nerves so when I walk it irritates it. So my options were 1. have an injection or 2 get an MRI which may or may not end in surgery.... uhh.. both options not ideal.. So I chose option 1 and about passed out when she brought the needle in and it was a HORSE needle! I was laying on this chair reclined (like the first time I had this done because I had a toothpick in muh foot. SO that didn't bother me) however I was freaking out because I don't like needles so kind sister Borland began to distract me by teaching the doctor and her assistant the first lesson and what we do as missionaries! haha it was awesome. She tried to incorporate me in on the teaching but I ignored her and I just laid their and made sure I breathed. hahaha I survived! I have a HUGE bruise on my foot but no more pain. Yay!

We are teaching such amazing people and have had some cool miracles! One which actually happened the other night. We have been seeing one of our investigations quite frequently and she is kind of an "all over the place" kind of thinker so it has been effecting Sister Borland and myself in our ability to really work (because we are taking on some of her habits), and so we have been thinking we need to lay off teaching her for a little. To give our brains some break. And then the other night we both felt really prompted to go and see Mary (which is her name). So we headed over there and knocked on her door. And to our amazement there was no answer. As Sister Borland wrote a little letter on a sticky note, I knocked the door that was across the way. No answer. So then we went to the next door. And this really awesome lady answered the door! We had an awesome conversation about a lot of different topics, and it was the end of the night so we needed to be getting home and as we were getting her information I said,"oh, I am sorry We didn't get your name, I am sister Stones." She then said. "It's Mary".
!!!! MIND BLOWN! So cool! I love when we listen to Heavenly Father and he puts us where we need to be! A lot of times He will use things that are familiar to us and as we listen and do His work He will bless us! So Yeah we are going to teach (New) Mary this weekend! Love it!

I love this work! I love you all! I am about to go kick some trash in Zone sports, or get mine handed to me... which ever happens today, either way it will be fun! I love you all!

Sister Stones

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