Monday, August 12, 2013

Aug 12- Mailin' Monday!!

Hello Familia!!

How has everyone been?! I love getting everyone's email's they make me so happy! I am so blessed to have such amazing family members who keep me updated in their lives so I don't feel forgotten hahaha :) I love you all!

This week has been wonderful! I love gainesville and am so blessed to be a sister trainer leader! We are coming up to the rap up of this transfer and my heart is just jumping for joy at the miracles and people we have met over these last couple tranfers together! We have had many miracle lessons and this weekend we have a baptism planned and in a couple weeks we will be having another one! I am in awe of the blessings God grants us as we have faith, are diligent, and humble.

I went on two exchanges this week and one with Centreville and one with Herndon! I got to see and have a lesson with Oscar and Sister Dean!! My heart was so happy! I am so lucky and blessed to have this calling! Oscar is preparing for baptism! I can't believe it! He has been coming to church and he loves the Book of Mormon! I just remember the first time I knocked on his door! And our first lesson! Man oh man I love this work!

We also have had wonderful lessons with Zahra (who is preparing for baptism this weekend!), Steven and Debbie! They are all doing so wonderfully! Just learning more and more and drawing more and more to our Savior! It's really amazing to be apart of!

This week I am focusing in on different topics as I study and I am so amazed at the beautiful information the gospel brings us! I have been studying forgiveness and change or repentance. And how important it is to forgive ourselves in the process of change. We are changing everyday. It really is our only constant in life. The thing we can look forward to that will stay constant: change. That is what the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us though. As we are building our faith and gaining knowledge and a love for our savior we no longer want to do bad things, or even little annoying things that just ping our spirit, for instance: losing your temper on the road. When we focus on the life of our Savior you automatically will want to change. That doesn't always mean that the change will take place though. We have to be wiling to let go of whatever it is that keeps us from him. And with that come our willing heart. Man oh man is that hard! I have A lot of things that keep me from being prefect now. But it's ok. Because Jesus Christ wants to forgive us. He came to earth, suffered, and died for each of us so he could forgive us. Why then, is it so hard to forgive ourselves? If we ask, and really change, we then have to let it go. Don't live in the regret, and don't live in the sadness, or in the what if, or woulda coulda shoulda. Once you are forgiven by God, OR once others have been... let it go. move on and forgive! I love this concept and I am so thankful Heavenly Father has been inspiring me to study it! The only way we accept the inevitable is once we realize that change is good, forgiveness is possible, and We are here to have JOY! So go and love today with a free heart!

I love this work, I love my savior, and I am so thankful for the knowledge I have of the plan Heavenly Father has for each of us! I love you all and I hope you have a glorious week!!


Sister Stones

PS and go study forgiveness!! :) It's great!

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