Friday, August 9, 2013

Aug 5- Missionary Life

This week has been the life! We have been jam packed with lesson after lesson and meeting after meeting. It has been wonderful! I can't believe it is already august! My mind is blown! Where has the time gone?!
A couple shout outs:
-First Dawn wins the best member missionary award! Man oh man ask her how amazing she is!
- Second Mom sent the most AMAZING gift! It is a plaque that says "Come what may and LOVE it!" done! (and the goodies inside were good too!)
- Loved ALL the letters from the Stones Family and loved hearing about whats going on in everyones lives!
Ok so I am loving the Trio I am in! I love having Sister Magaoay and Sister Borland as companions we are all best friends and we work so well together! We have had miracle after miracle happen!! I will start at the beginning!
First like I said last week, we finally got in contact with Grant! And then Monday night we taught a lesson to a girl named Zahra and put her on date for baptism on August 17th and she accepted so we have been teaching her a couple times a week to help her get ready! She is dating one of the youth in our ward, is reading the book of mormon and LOVES it! She knows it is true and can't wait to get baptized, and she came to church on sunday!
Debbie is doing amazing!! We taught her about the importance of church because we invited her the last few weeks and she said yes and then never showed. So we asked if she would like a tour of the church so she could be more comfortable, knowing where the kids would be going and what she would be doing and she said yes! We had a tour of the chapel the next day and then Sunday morning her and her ADORABLE children came to church!! SO GREAT!! Amazing feeling as a missionary having people come to church, and the ward was so welcoming. It was wonderful. One of the members looked at her and said, "Are you a little overwhelmed?" and Debbie's eyes just got big and she chuckled and said yeah and then Sister Lopez said, "It's like standing under a waterfall and trying to figure out what part you are trying to catch." (haha) we all just started laughing and Debbie agreed... She is so wonderful. We also talked about baptism and when she feels she would be ready and she said she know's she needs to, but needs to pray more for the strength to give up he coffee and things. We talked about filling her life with better things, like reading and praying instead and then the Lord can help her! She agreed! Man oh man it's great!
There is also a family in the ward where the mom and dad are both members but none of the kids are. So we knocked on their door and asked if we could come and teach them! They agreed and loved the lesson so we are going to continue to teach them as well!
We have been so blessed this week! I haven't had a week like this since the very beginning of my mission! I love watching people lives transform because the gospel is touching their hearts. It is such a humbling feeling knowing that it isn't because of anything that I am doing that these individuals are accepting the gospel. It's because they are allowing the spirit to touch their hearts and then they are acting on it, and I just sit and watch it happen.
I love you all so much and am now about to go tackle another amazing week of miracles! This is the Lords work and I love being apart of it!! Love you all! Talk to you next week!!
Sister Stones

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