Friday, August 9, 2013

July 29- Aloha!

Why hello my wonderful family!
This week has literally been insane! I am LOVING being a missionary more and more the longer I am out but this week was extra special. So Sister Borland and I did back to back exchanges on tuesday to Wednesday one to one, I was in Oak Marr (the Oakton Stake), and then Wednesday to Thursday I was back in Gainsville and Sister Borland was in Chantilly one to one and then we were reunited on Thursday for interviews with President Riggs at 1:15. She planned my day and I just followed suit. BUT the best part was when I was on exchanges with Sister Wilcox in Oak Marr that night Sister Borland called and said "Hey I have fun news for you! We are getting a new companion tomorrow!" uhh what? "Yeup so you will be on exchanges and you will pick up our new companion whenever Sister Riggs calls." hahaha It was insane. So at about 5 (dinner time) Sister Riggs had our new arrival! SHE IS AMAZING!! Her name in Sister Magaoay (Ma-Go-Why) she is from Hawai'i and on her out bound from temple square (like Sister King), but President hasn't had a moment to pause and recieve revelation on where she is going and with who and so he put her with us for the time being and it has been amazing! Oddly enough we have actually really needed the extra hand this weekend. We have gone on a couple splits with the ward and needed an extra person to be able to be in 2 places at once (so very inspired by President)!
We all get along so well and we teach really well together too! We taught really great lessons to Mary, Debbie, and Steven. Who are all doing wonderfully! Steven even came to church on sunday and loved it! We are walking around and just talking with everyone! And having so much fun while we are doing it! I wish I had my camera cord with me (I am at the library because our complex computers stopped working) So I could show you our trio... It is literally me, Tori, and Darlene!!! HAHAHA seriously though. I have been telling sister Borland from day one that she reminds me of my best friend Tori. And then Sister Magaoay gets thrown into the mix and it's like a blast from the past! We are just constantly laughing and just having a grand ol' time! Love em!
Ok lets see on a spiritual note...
Heavenly Father is amazing and in the details of our lives! Today as we were going about shopping and things we needed to get a quota on some apartment complexes in gainesville for elders to move into and it is in the same complex as grant (our former investigator). We have been trying for weeks to get a hold of him and haven't been able to! But, today we went and were talking to this old guy (His name is Ed and he is great... and basically deaf. But so great) and asking about renting places there and stuff and grant walks out! My heart skipped a beat I was so excited! He saw us and waved and put his finger up like "hold on" and when we were done talking to Ed we went over and talked with Grant. Saw how he was doing, and why he has been bobbin and weevin our calls and things. He has had a lot of things happening so he's been "busy" (He say's "Awe man I just can't lie to you girls. I try and I am doing horrible." and I said , "Yeah but it's fun to watch you try." haha He is so hilarious. He is really wanting to meet again. So we set up a time for next week! Man oh man. It was such a miracle. We have been trying to contact him for weeks. And once we stopped worrying Heavenly Father was able to orchastrate it so all would work out. Sister Magaoay said that this morning in her studies. Elder Ballard came to the Temple Square Mission and had a Q &A with the sisters and one of them said "How do we know if we are following the spirit or what?" and he said, "EASY, Relax. You let Heavenly Father worry about it. It is His work. He can worry about how scared you are and if the person is going to accept the message. All you have to do is show up." It is true and I am thankful she shared that because I needed it :)
Ok I have like 2 minutes left on my time so I am going to wrap it up! I love you all SO much and I can't believe I have been our a year! It has been amazing and I can't wait to work my little bum off in the great work for the next few months! They are just goin to fly! I love this gospel with all my heart and I know it is true! I know that Jesus Christ loves me, and I am thankful to know I am a Daughter of God! I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Stones

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