Friday, August 9, 2013

July 1- Oh Hey

Oh Why hello there Family!!

I feel like I just wrote... oh wait I did. :)

Not much has happened in the last little while. We are just working hard and teaching everyone who will listen about the Gospel. Which hasn't been very many people because we have had some CRAZY rain storms! I went on exchanges to Oak Marr in the Oakton Zone and it POURED while we were walking around so I then just danced in it! haha it was awesome. No one was outside and no one was answering their doors so I just danced in the rain. :) It felt wonderful and then at the end of the night I ran and jumped in a HUGE puddle hehe it was so much fun! I was soaked from head to toe and wouldn't have it any other way :)

Lets see. I have done lots of shopping on p-days haha I am basically a walking target mannequin. It's great! Haha... I know not that spiritual but it's whats going on. I am trying to think of something super profound to write but not a whole lot has happened that's not the norm haha like talking to people and having dogs attack us, and us coming home and smelling like dogs. Knocking on doors, visiting members, and teach people the gospel. Oh that just sparked an idea! We did talk with a lady that has been Less active her whole life basically after she got baptized and she is wanting to come back to church which is so exciting, but she doesn't remember much about the church so we are going to teach her and her sons the lessons :) So that's exciting! Oh and we are going to visit with a lady named Debbie tomorrow! We met her while we were just walking around and she was sitting in her Garage looking really sad so we walked up and said hello, and I asked her if we could help her. She said no, and I walked up and knelt down next to her on the ground and told her who we were. That we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that it is no coincidence that we walked by her house. We then had a great lesson about the struggles she is going to through and how the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ will help her. And so we are going back tomorrow to teach her and her cute little family! SO great! I love this work! :)

We are also going around the families in the ward and teaching everyone the message of the Restoration and answering any questions they might have and then teaching them how to teach it to their family and friends so everyone can feel comfortable and excited to do missionary work (I would suggest doing that in your wards, ask your missionaries, they would love to do it!) So we are starting this week and I will tell you how it goes! Anyway. I am off to finish laundry and all that fun stuff before p-day is up! LOVE YOU ALL!!! It was fun to see all the pictures from the Trip Ally sent them. It made me miss everyone and want to give everyone HUGE hugs!! So {{Hug}} :D Love you!!

Sister Stones

 Sister Billman and me after dancin' in the rain!

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