Monday, February 4, 2013

Training and Miracles!! Feb 4

Yo yo yo!!

I am training ya'll and she is amazing!! Her name is Sister Steadman from Murry, Utah. She is sent straight from the Prophet aka she is 19! And I love everything about her! I am convinced she was actually sent to train me. haha I love her so much!! And we are SUPER similar it's actually kind of scary. haha She unpacked her stuff and pulled out some chewy caramels and peanut butter m&ms and said these are my favorite, I bought them for the flight over. And I just looked at her and started laughing and said "These are MY favorite!" haha It was quite comical! We are actually in a trio for a couple weeks till Sister King goes back to Temple Square. So we are having lots of fun! Trying to find and teach as many people as possible!

So because sister Steadman has just gotten out of the MTC her spirit is SO strong!! The spirit in our house is just amplified times 10 and I love everything about it! It's funny how when you get into a routine, you kind of get stuck. But you don't even realize it until something happens. I have been doing everything I am supposed to so I haven't noticed, just been "doin the routine". But now I realize I have SO much more to give and I have been loving it!!! And I have seen a difference even just in the work that we have been doing in the 4 days that she has been here! We are so much more prepared and so the Lord is putting prepared people in our path! It's quite exciting really!

We have had a couple amazing lessons because of it as well. We are teaching a man named Tyrone. He is 31 and I have always had a hard time reaching him spiritually. He is so not in touch with that part of himself. He kind of had a freak out a week ago and quite his job and all this crazy stuff, and he is now making more time for us to come and teach. And so we were talking about baptism and how important it is, that Christ, he being perfect set that example and we need to follow. And he understood and said that he would but not yet. That he wasn't ready to give up his "habits". Sister Steadman bore such a sweet testimony about the Lord and how He was helping Tyrone through all of this and he just ate it up! It was the first time in weeks that his spirit was being stirred. We invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true and if he would prepare himself to be baptized at the end of march and he was completely dodging it! He kept saying "Sister Stones you say it. I said last time, and I will say it next time." and I just folded my arms looked at him, smiled and said "Nope, He has heard from me all day, He want's to hear from you." I helped him know what to say and to ask direct questions and bowed my head and closed my eyes. Then he started to pray! And it was amazing... Truly amazing. The spirit just filled the room and as he was praying and after asking a couple questions he said "what is this feeling?!" and then kept praying. HE FELT HIS ANSWER! Amazing. And at the end he said, "I will try and be ready to be baptized in March" and then closed his prayer. We explained what that feeling was and that he could have that feeling every time he prayed and read the scriptures and came to church, That Heavenly Father had answered him through the spirit and.. yeah. It was great!

One more is Ross. He has been taking the discussions since 99 and his wife and kids are all members but he just hasn't felt he has needed to yet. And we taught him on Sunday during Sunday School because he was the only non member there so we told him could ask any question that he wanted to and he asked what the difference between the power of the holy ghost and receiving the holy ghost (we had taught him before but he had just gone to his nephews baptism and so he now had more of an understanding and was more open the the answer) so we explained it to him, and I bore my testimony to him. The spirit was testifying to him the truthfulness to what we were saying and he said he could see himself getting baptized, now more than ever before. He is beginning to understand, and his spirit is beginning to remember and it is now making sense. I don't know what is causing his soul to stir but I am just grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be apart of it. To get to watch the process of someone realizing their true potential and how much God truly loves them! I was so powerful.

I love you all and I know that is gospel is true, and I know with every fiber of my being that this is the Lords church restored to the earth. I know it and I am so blessed to get to share it. I have watched as it has transformed people just by the spirit working with in them. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! Till next time!!

Love you,

Sister Stones

PS. I still don't have a camera mine broke so, I am using sister Steadman's Pictures from when she first got here. Once I have a camera you will be getting lots of pictures again!! :)


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