Monday, February 25, 2013

Tender Mercies Feb 25

Hello Family!!

The Lord is so amazing with all of the wonderful tender mercies that have been coming our way! So on Sunday in Relief Society we talked about the Talk by Elder Eyring Where is the Pavilion and it was JUST what I needed. We have been having a really hard time finding people to teach, and most of the people... ok in reality... ALL of the people we have been teaching decided they were not wanting to continue so... We have gone back to the drawing board. I haven't felt like the Lord has abandoned us in anyway. But I could feel a distance and I for the life of me couldn't figure out how to get closer, all the prayers and studying couldn't do it. And then we had this wonderful lesson. Talking about ways we build our own pavilions between us and the Lord. That he is always there but sometimes because of our own desires and attitude we distance ourselves. And I can tell you as I was listening to the lesson I could tangibly feel my pavilion come down. I could feel the love of my Heavenly Father just encompass me and help me know that it was ok. That He loved us and to keep "planting seeds". Right now is the time for us to plant as many as we can, because of this amazing change in added missionaries there will be more here in no time! So the more people we are connecting to the gospel more people will choose to listen. And I am grateful! I didn't feel that we were going to teach a lot of lessons or that we were going to find lots of people to teach, but I felt that it was ok. And with training, there is some added stress of "needing" to know what to do. Let's be honest. ha I don't have any idea what I am doing. BUT I do know how to listen. and I am learning how the Spirit speaks to me and it is such a wonderful feeling.

So last night we had plans to go and tract all night. But as I was locking the door to the apartment I felt that we needed to go see some members in the ward, Sister Steadman still felt that we needed to tract and so we compromised. We headed to the part member family I felt we were supposed to see. and when we got there, they were eating and so we couldn't stay... I was a little confused why my impression was so strong. SO we prayed to see if their was more we needed to do in that area, and this warm swelling feeling just encompassed my heart and I knew we needed to tract. So we did. And we met the nicest lady! Her name was Camille! We didn't get a return appointment with her or anything, but we for sure planted a seed! It was so amazing! I just love how the Lord works! This is most definitely His work and as we listen and leave our own desires out of it and are humble we will be led by the hand!

I love hearing from everyone and I am so grateful for the wonderful family and friends that have been placed in my life! I wouldn't be who I am today without you!! I love the Lord and I am so grateful to be His missionary!!

Love always,

Sister Stones
Fun Story... We are the same person.. and have some of the same clothes... hahaha It's hilarious! and I apparently don't know how to button my own jacket!..... love it! ha

The members in our ward love us and got us valentines presents!

SHOUT OUT to Frank for getting me a valentines package!! With Disneyland Popcorn in it!!

oh and that's our district!



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