Saturday, February 2, 2013

Holla! Jan 7, 2013

Hey family hey!!

I love you all so much and I am doing great! I don't have a lot of time! We still have to go shopping for food for this week and my brain is a little fuzzy! I woke up a couple days ago with a cold and my mind has just been fuzzy ever since. It's been a little hard teaching lessons and things of that nature, like being a missionary, haha because my mind is just so much slower than I want it to be.

Sister King and I are doing wonderful and seeing lots of miracles! Our investigator Matthew (used to have bright green hair) is getting baptized at the end of this month! He is so great and we are so grateful to be teaching him! We are teaching a man named Tony who I love teaching because we are just real with him. We put him on date for the end of January and when I reminded him he said "You mean to tell me you think I will be a mormon by the end of this month?" I said "Yup because God can do anything." and he looked at me started laughing and said, "you know you are right." so we are going to try and see him 2 times a week to really help the spirit influence him and help him recognize the truth. We taught the plan of salvation and we only got to the first little part because he was so into the lesson haha I love him. We have had some really spiritual lessons with some other people investigating as well. Ross is a man who's wife and 3 kids are all members and he has been going to church for the last 20 years and has been taking the lessons since 99 but has a hard time committing. We invited him to pray and look at a calender and choose a date for himself and he said he would and then when he was praying and closing the lesson he asked Heavenly Father to help him know what he needed to do. The spirit was so strong and he got choked up. And of course I cried, but that's just what I do. haha I love teaching such wonderful divers people!

Welp we need to get goin! I love you all! And I am so grateful for you all! My camera broke this week and so I don't have any pictures but I will hopefully get one next monday and you will get to see all these wonderful people!! :)

Love you all so much,

Sister Stones

PS. I challenge everyone to bear their testimony this week to someone about the gospel and the write me and tell me all about how you felt and what you learned!! LOVE YOU!!

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