Saturday, February 2, 2013

Heyo!! Jan 22

Hello Family!!
I have had such a week and only have about 10 minutes before the computer kicks me off at the library! haha race the clock see if i can do it. So I will print off everyones emails and write you all next week.
This week has been so amazing! On Thursday we had an emergency training meeting that I went to from 8-4 ha it was long, but amazing!! I was learning so much and taking notes like a mad woman! I am thinking I might be training soon... praying that I still have a little more time myself to learn the ropes before I have to teach someone else! But if that's what the lord calls me to do, you know i am more than willing to step up to the call!!

So quick fun story! First I love to tract! I think it is a lot of fun because you never know what you are going to run into! The sky's the limit. I think it's because Sister Rozsa loved to tract and so that's what I "grew up" doing! and because I am a people person. Well usually not much really happens out of it. But this week we knocked on a door and met the most adorable little family! They let us in and we taught them about the restoration and we are going back on friday to keep teaching them! So I will give you the update next monday! But it was 55 degrees outside so we were walking around knocking on doors, and God blessed us with a miracle! I love this work!

We have a baptism on Saturday! So hopefully I will have pictures with next weeks letter about matthew's baptism! :) Love him he is great! ok my time Is up! I love you family! I hope you have such an amazing week and I will hear from you all next monday!!

Love you!!

Sister Stones

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