Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hello fam bam!!

Holy COW so much has happened on your ends!!

By the time I get home everyone is going to be married (Tell Arielle COngrats!!!), and having babies and moving all over the place!! I LOVE everything about everyone's news!!

Ava is B.E.A.U-TIFUL!!! I love her so much and want to kiss her cheeks and hold her all day long!! Momma you have my permission to do that for me when you go and see Dawn. Oh my goodness she is beautiful! I love her already! And sawyer and britton are so adorable with her, those pictures were to die for!

Nothing too exciting has happened this week on my end. The flu has attacked EVERYONE that's about as news filled as it gets. SO we didn't really see very many people haha because we would call so see if we could meet with them and they would hack up a lung and then say "I have the flu" and then I would say "That's the worst. Well hope you feel better, let us know if we can do anything, and let us know when you feel better." and that was that ha. Lame really, but it's ok. :) Just glad everyone is coming out of it! We did have some really great lessons with a few regulars! :) Like Tony. haha he cracks me up. I can't remember who I talk about but Tony is an older black gentleman. He loves his alcohol and cigarettes and says he can't give them up. We haven't even taught him the word of wisdom yet or the plan of salvation for that matter (because he is so caught on random little details). He just know's we don't drink or smoke. And I always say "With God anything is possible!" :) and he say's "I don't doubt that, I don't doubt that at all." haha and then goes on asking about the prophets credentials. haha Silly Tony. It's all click as we keep teaching, because he is open and searching for the truth. He just doesn't really know it yet.

OH I just thought of some HUGE news!! Remember Joyce from Shirlington?!?! She is getting baptized!!! I got a text from the sisters there and jumped up and down and about cried! She is so amazing and me and sister berg are going to sing at her baptism!! She has my heart and I love her!! So many wonderful people are entering into the covenant of baptism and I am thrilled!! How amazing it is to be able to make promises with our Father in Heaven for him to bless us even more abundantly than he already does!! I love it!

Oh and I have been reading Jesus the Christ!! It is AMAZING! Oh my goodness I am just soaking it all up. I have to kind of read it just quick because the vocabulary used is FAR too advanced for my little simple mind to understand haha so I get the gist of it, but the more I read the more I understand! And. it. is. amazing!! And yes it may or may not be the largest book I've ever read. It is the width of my face! But SO worth it!! haha. I love it!!

hmm.... what else? I just love everyone!! I love you all and I miss you and I pray you are all doing wonderfully! I am in 3rd Nephi right now in my book of mormon reading, when Christ is teaching the people in the America's and I am just in awe at his love for us. He just day's before suffered and died for everyone of these people (including us) and then is their teaching them, healing them, and loving them unconditionally! He looks past their shortcomings, and forgives them. He has paid the price and knows them personally. I pray that I am able to use the atonement to become a new person everyday! Striving to be more like my Savior, more kind, charitable, and understanding. He is the ultimate example and I am forever in gratitude and awe of his wonderful and amazing sacrifice. I am just beginning to scratch the surface at understanding just what the atonement encompasses and I can't wait to let it change me. To be the daughter that He sent me to be. I am a daughter of a Loving Heavenly Father. I know that I can overcome anything I want to change about myself and allow the atonement of Jesus Christ to work in my life. I love you all, and I pray that each of you takes time to listen when you pray tonight. Recognize just how close the savior is to you. He loves you and know's what you need! We just have to ask, seek, and knock. Aka ACT! This is a gospel of action. The blessings can't some until we have put in our own effort, but once we do they WILL come! I love my Savior!

Come what may and love it!


Sister Stones

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