Monday, February 25, 2013

Holla- Feb 11

Hey Family Hey!!

How is everyone?! LOVED the updates and the emails from everyone! Totally made my day! Thank you for all the support and prayers and positive vibes our way!!

This week hasn't been too event filled. There were a lot of random meetings and things so it was hard to set up appointments and have mind blowing appointments with people, but that's ok, you need a breather every once in a while to remember how amazing it is!

We have loved being in a trio! I love these Sisters so much and sadly Sister King heads back to the Temple Square Visitor Center on Wednesday Morning so then Sister Steadman and I will be one our own. haha A little terrifying! Only because Sister Steadman and I are basically the same person and Sister King balances out our crazy. When we get all worked up or running too fast sister King brings us back to reality hahaha so we will have to work on that ourselves. But I know we will be great!

Fun News!! Ok so remember when I was in Shirlington and I was teaching a lady named Joyce!? Ok well I love her and On saturday she got baptized!!! And I got to go! I spoke on the Holy Ghost and Sang with Sister Berg "How Great Thou Art" it was beautiful, and I was "almost" in tears. but I held myself together! I was a very proud mamma! :) I love her so much and am so proud of her! She is terrified of water, TERRIFIED and so that was one of the biggest things holding her back. It took her a little while to get into the water and then once she got baptized her eye's were still closed and she had her nose plugged and she said, "Am I done?" hahahaha She's great!! So that was the most amazing news from this week! I loved it!

Also we met a kid that goes to the High school, his name is Norwin and we have been teaching him as well, and he came to chruch and loved it. All the boys just took him and took care of him. SO we were grateful for that! But yeah he is great as well.

Oh and Sister King and Sister Steadman both sing! And so we were asked to do a musical number and we Sang "Brightly Beams..." in a three part split, and it was SO much fun!! One of the members recorded us later at his house and so he will be sending that to you momma :) so many sure to share. And a couple members will be sending pictures as well.. haha I love this ward!

Welp, You are all amazing!! I love you all and I hope you have such a wonderful week! I am grateful to be a missionary and have the wonderful opportunities of blessing peoples lives that wouldn't have a chance otherwise. I am so humbled everyday by the amazing acts of service people do for one another, and how much God loves his children! If anyone is feeling sad or alone. First, don't. Second, if that doesn't work :) pray. The power of prayer is real. Ask direct questions and you will be answered. Repent daily and try to be better than you were yesterday, ask yourself how you can be more like Christ, and then try and change! I love change! It's the only constant :)

I love you all!!!

Sister Stones

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