Friday, June 7, 2013

May 6- Miracles!

Hey Family!!
Holy cow I am so terrified to check my emails now! haha I have no idea what is going to happen next, glad to hear that Dad is doing good! No one else is allowed to join the party of seeing who can have something stuck in them! Holy cow. hahaha. I am grateful/ not grateful that we have really good writers in the family haha.
I am doing great! We are seeing so many miracles! One actually just happened! We are at the library right now and some how the lady next to me and I started to chat about how the world is such a terrible place and she is scared for her little girl to go into school in a couple years and she asked if we had kids. We said no and told her who we were and she was so impressed. We told her we talked to people about finding hope in life and finding security even though the world is crazy and changing all the time. She LOVED that idea and so we gave her our number and she is going to call us. Sweet! We were meeting with Less Actives in the ward and walking to an appointment when a guy pulled up to the corner next to us in his car, he rolled down his window and he said, "Hey are you guys the Mormon Missionaries." I said "We sure are" and he then said to our surprise "Will you take down my number and give me a call sometime next week, this is the last week of school and then I'd like to have you guys come talk with me." whaaaaa?! Don't worry I kept my cool. (inside I was like what is happening, is this real life!?) so we did and we will call him this week! We continued to walk and we talked to a sweet man from Ethiopia, he just (that day) got his certificate for becoming a US Citizen (I held the certificate it was awesome)! We had so much fun talking to him and we are going to bring him a book of mormon in his language and talk with him more! Lastly on that street we ran into a boy who grew up with the Stake presidents son and had talked with him about the church but had misplaced his book of mormon and wanted to get another one and talk with us some more. So great!! Ok a couple more!! One super cool one that anyone can do! We were filling up our car with gas and the guy next to us was listening to an awesome song!! I couldn't put my finger on where I knew it from and then it clicked, it was the finally song for the Stake dance festival!! So I told him this song was awesome and then we got to talking on how I choreographed a dance to this song for my church and BAM conversation about church started and we are going to help him with service sometime coming up! Oh the Lord is so great!! There are no such things as coincidences! We are seeing miracles everywhere and are so blessed to be in such an amazing area! We aren't teaching a lot of people who are investigating the church quite yet, but we are meeting amazing people who will soon or one day want to learn more. LOVE IT!!
OH AAANNDDD dangerously enough there is an Applebees here!!!!!! So we celebrated my BDAY on Saturday and went to applebees! :) It was delicious and I was so excited!!! :D
(First time I've had it my whole mission!!! Let's be honest that is a record! 9 months?!)
Anyway I LOVE this work! I love being on a mission and I am stoked to get to share mission stories with Bubba soon!! Love you all!!!
Sister Stones


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