Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29- Update from the Oldie!!

Thank you all for my Birthday wishes!!! I can't believe I am 24 it's crazy!!
The alarm went off this morning and the first thing said was by sister hanson "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! AND YOU GET TO FIND OUT WHERE YOUR BROTHER IS GOING!!!" and then she proceeded to sing me happy birthday and told me I wasn't allowed to leave my room until my cake was made! haha I love her! She is amazing!
Fun News:
  • I am loving the ward here in Kingstowne!! There are so many people who know Deanna and her Family and love that I am in the ward! (The Riggs and the Taylors say hey!) And at stake conference yesterday a couple other people came up to say hello as well! Its fun!
  • Jonathan is going to Boston SPANISH speaking! (called the spanish part!!) (ps thanks to ALLY for telling me because no one else did!! Fail on Jonathan's part! loser haha jus keedeen I still love you!!! and I am SO excited but will hold on my excitement till I hear it from him!!!! I better be getting a really good LONG letter in the mail to make up for it.. and a really great birthday present!! ;)
  • We are teaching a woman right now named Ha (the elders were teaching her and passed her to us) she's amazing! So more news on that later!
  • I got fun birthday packages from Curtis and Rachel and from Ally and her fam! I loved it all! Can't wait for the rest to come! haha Birthday week is here!!! (knowing that the stones send things ON birthdays so they come a little late haha)
Life is great! We are working hard and trying to get to know the ward and the area still, knocking on lots of doors and talking to everyone. No luck yet but I know that as we are diligently working we will see the miracles! This work is so amazing and I am so grateful for the joy that comes from sharing the gospel! There isn't anyone on earth that doesn't need to hear the message of the restoration of the gospel! And know the wonderful plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has for everyone. It's great!! Welp Sorry this is so short and a little all over the place We are off to teach a lesson and have a wonderful day!! So I will talk to you all later and hope you have a glorious week!!
Love you!!
Sister Stones

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