Friday, June 7, 2013

May 20- Muh Familia!

Hello Family!!!
This week has been a little nuts but great! I can't believe I just barely got to see all your beautiful faces it feels like it was ages ago! haha but it's all good, I am back in the work and loving it! Thank goodness! So remember that AMAZING miracle where that guy stopped US and asked US if we could come teach him?! We FINALLY got ahold of him and he is in California till August. (jaw drop, fist to the hip, eye's wide, "aw maaan") It's all good, we (or who ever is here then) will set something up when he gets back for school. haha it was funny though. We are also teaching an amazing lady who is moving in a couple weeks (dang it!) haha and yeah this is just such a transient area everyone is comin and goin right when you see 'em. No worries, there are still plenty of doors to knock on so not everyone has left haha!
So I love everyone's emails this week, haha or lack there of. It made me giggle because I know exactly why!! Everyone is partying it up in Arziona with Jondadan!!! I love everything about that! And I can't wait to get overloaded with pictures! Both emailed and printed (hint hint) Because mine are outdated! Of everyone! It's been fun I have run into a couple people that know D and Rickey and I get random hugs from people I don't know but CLEARLY love the Turners! Haha so I love it!
This week we... tracted... and met members... and tracted some more... and walked in the rain... and then the downpour... got drenched... tracted some more... ate food... laughed at how silly we look when we are wet... taught some lessons!!...met some knew AWESOME families to teach... tracted some more. And Studied. ALL THE TIME! :)
I love missionary life, and I love tracting. I know I am weird. It's fine we have already established this! I love having awkward conversations with people that lead into deep conversations about God and how Great He is! I love being able to turn a conversation from nothing into life changing. I love when people answer all of your questions with the name of their religion without actually answering your question, example: "How has Christ's example helped you in your life?"... "I'm Catholic"... "What about the bible? Has that had an impact in your life?"... "I'm Catholic"... "We have a life changing message to share!"... "I'm catholic" (Then the door closes). Not going to lie probably not one of my best door approaches, but she didn't give me much to work with hahah :) Oh and we go to this really awesome apartment complex to talk to people and most of them are Hispanic or some African decent. One guys name is Georgy! He is awesome. With out fail every time we go we always run into him (and we go at random times in the week). We keep trying to convince him we are supposed to teach him our message. The first time we talked we gave him a card, and then we talk in between and this time he was walking to the store, I asked if he liked to read and he said yes so I gave him the book of mormon. He laughed and then said he would read it. So we will check up on him and hopefully something great will come from it! :) And that same day we taught the plan of Salvation to a lovely couple who just moved here from Louisiana and are trying to get closer to God! Love it!
Anyway, I gotta run! I love you all so much! I am so grateful for my friends and family and for the examples you all set for me! I love you I love you I love you!!
Love always,
Sister Stones

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