Monday, June 17, 2013

June 10-Miracles

Hello Familia!

Jonathan is a missionary! ELDER STONES!! So much fun!
This week has been crazy! I have:
Gone on 2 exchanges
Went to a really long meeting
Sang at a funeral (MIRACLE)
Found 2 new investigators
and made smoothies!!

I am beat! Exhausted! pooped!! This week is just the start to a crazy fun filled miracle filled transfer! I am so excited for all the miracles we are going to see and for all the fun that is going to be had in all the areas where I will be going on exchanges to! Yeup that was a mouth full in muh brain!
Anyway so I went back to Herndon for a day on an exchange and met some really awesome people! I also got to see a couple families I didn't get to say goodbye to when I left the first time! haha It was a lot of fun! We had an INTENSE door slam though. Like that lady put her heart and soul into her door slam. It cut me to the core. Man people don't realize what they are turning away! But on my other exchange I stayed here in Gainesville and we knocked on doors and met an AWESOME guy named Grant! He has a friend who is a convert to the church and invited him to come to church with him. So he had been a couple times and I asked if his friend had ever given him the book of mormon? He said no and that he had never actually held one before. SO I pulled it out of my bag and went to hand it to him and pulled it back, he looked at me and and said, "Are you going to give it to me?" and I said "Yes, but this is a sacred book. I want to tell you how much it means to me before I give it to you." and then I proceeded to reveal the wonderful truths of the book of mormon. and when I was done he said, "Ok.... I want to read that book". We committed him to pray about it and when he knew it was true to be baptized! He accepted and we are going to meet with him again on tuesday! I asked him what it would mean to him if everything we had said was true and he said, "Than I will have found what I have been looking for my whole life." Man miracles are happening!
ALso another fun amazing miracle! So I haven't had a voice for the last week... like at all... like I have to whisper because I can't get any sound out. and I had been invited to sing at a memorial service...hmm... so.. I neeeded some divine intervention. So at the end of this leadership meeting I asked for a blessing. It was so sweet to feel the love from my Heavenly Father! I didn't realize how much stress I had been holding till those elders placed their hands on my head and one of them gave me the blessing. I felt a weight lift from me and I began to cry. I know that the Priesthood power has been restored to the earth today! I know that it is here to bless his children when they need him. I know that I saw miracles because of that blessing. I was able to sing the next day at the memorial service (but when I spoke my voice was still gone) because of the faith that I have and the blessing from God. I love this gospel!!

I am trying to figure out how to balance out my time and my energy in this new position but I know that If I am willing to give my heart and my will to the Lord He will be my strength! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!! Love you Love you Love you!!

Sister Stones

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