Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17- Happy Happy Joy Joy

First off I have to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY!!! (and to Curtis, Ben, Rickey, and Ryan!) Hope you had a wonderful fathers day!!!

Fun hearing about Dad and his new calling haha I laughed quite loudly when I read his response about listening to rock and roll and watching the sci fi channel haha love that! He will do amazing!

Sad to hear about Aunt Lulu. Give everyone hugs from me! Tell them all that I love them!

So last week I went on exchanges with another sister and we found this man named Grant and yesterday he came to church!!! So super duper exciting! I know it might just seem like a small thing but to get an investigator to church (at least for me and my mission) has been hard, so I was jumping for joy inside and my voice came back so I could sing in sacrament meeting! Which was fun too!! And he loved it! We also took our other investigator Mary to the Visitor Center and saw a little program there and she loved it, and I did too! It was a lot of fun!

This week has been crazy. like. literally. We did:
Two Hair cuts
One Zone Conference
2 exchanges
1 trip to the doctor
and 2 MAJOR melt downs (haha... we were tired spiritually, mentally, and Physically)
Grant at church and Mary to the Visitor Center! (so cool!)

Wow. when I wrote that a flood of memories came back that I feel happened over this whole month. nope. just this week. haha Ok first hair cuts. that's all I got muh hair chopped :)

We taught about extending commitments and following up to help people keep commitments at the Ashburn Zone Conference which was really fun! I am excited to do 2 more. We have another one tomorrow and it will be great to see what else I will learn!
And then we have been exchanging machines Sister Borland and I are companions for half the day every other day haha. It's crazy. And with all this exchanging I have gotten sick.... lame. So we had to go to the doctor to make sure I was ok (I thought I had or was getting strep throat.) Nope. Just terrible allergies and post nasal drip (one: ew) and (two: thats a real thing! ... haha we sang Adelaide's Lament once we got home.) So I've been having side effects from that, we took a sick day (Well night... which almost killed me.. haha Because I gave my body the ok to rest and then everything shut down.) but I am doing and feeling MUCH better today. Thank goodness because not being able to speak or swallow is actually really difficult as a missionary... who woulda thought?!

And we have been really blessed and humbled this week. The Lord really is mindful of us all and I know that. I have felt closer to the spirit and more sensitive to it than I have before. Which has been really cool yet also really tiring. My spirit is getting a little work out. :) I have learned how to really allow the Peace from Christ into my life. I am such a busy body and needing to be everywhere at once that when I just took the time to actually pause and allow it to, the feeling of peace just rushed over me and it was really sweet. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me very much. I got my birthday package from mom and Jonathan (It's fine better late than never) on Saturday and in it mom's letter was very fitting for my situation. she said "you aren't running a marathon, you are working for the Lord. So work smart and take your vitamins." I loved that Heavenly Father knew I needed those words from my mom and then I would listen. :) So thanks for being inspired momma.

Welp I am off to do other missionary like things I do on mondays to be prepared for the rest of the week. Love you all! Open your mouth and share the gospel! :) Love you!!


Sister Stones.
1. Leap Frog
2. Temple with Mary
3. We were reading from the white handbook and I didn't want to hold it anymore. Haha Sister Borland was rolling on the ground laughing! haha


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