Friday, June 7, 2013

June 3- What a Week!

Hello my amazing family!!

This week has been crazy!! So many things to tell you about!! I will bullet point so I can remember and then I will explain haha :)
- Transfers!!
- Mission Split
- New Comp!
- Cicadas!!! (eewww)
- Sister Trainer Leader (aka ZL for sisters)

Ok so first I am no longer in Kingstowne with Sister Hanson transfers were on Thursday and I have been transferred to Gainesville with Sister Borland!! She is amazing! She is from Sandy Utah and seriously muh favorite human being so I am so blessed and privileged to get to work with her!

Ok so mission split! With the influx of missionaries there was a new mission opened (the Chesapeake mission which took part of the Richmond mission so they took some of ours. So Andrea's ward and stake aren't apart of us anymore.) Soa big chunk of our mission is now apart of a different mission and it was such a sad transfer meeting, lots of tears were shed because so many amazing missionaries that have become my best friends are heading down to the Richmond Mission. Don't get me wrong I know they are supposed to go there and that they will be amazing, but it's still sad! Good thing God is in charge of all of this so there really was no need to worry. We will just miss 'em. But I didn't get the boot so I am still apart of the Washington DC South Mission.

Ok so Sister Borland is so amazing! She knows that gospel so well and I can't wait for all of her wonderful knowledge to be apart of my brain haha. We have so much dedication to the work we are going to tear it up! Along with the fact that both of us are now Sister Trainer Leaders so that means that we will be going on splits twice a week (Slits= sleepovers with the other sisters and working their areas. plus training. it's crazy!) But I am excited! I will really have to rely on the Lord though because I still have to work just as hard in the area where I have been called as well as working in everyone elses area's as well! blah it will be nuts. But I am excited for the challenge! :)

Cicadas! Ok first of all I have to just say they are nasty creatures and they are... yeah ew. So this is the 17 year Cicada Hatch! So these nasty bugs have been in the ground for the last 17 years and this happens to be the year that they will ALL hatch and come out to say hello! Lucky me! They are giant! and they are so dumb! They just run into you... multiple times! without a course correction until you move!!! Which consists of screaming and running and arms flailing from both Sister Borland and myself! haahahaha. Yeaaahhh..... ew. So that will be fun!

Yeah I am so excited for this transfer it will be so much fun and I am going to be humbled beyond belief and I am going to learn so much and I can't wait! I also can't wait for Jonathan to come out and join the party! I love this work! I love my Savior! And I love love love being a missionary! I know that the gospel has been restored and that through the priesthood power we are able to live with God again! I love you all and I can't wait to hear what more fun adventures are going on in your fun families! I love you all!! And I hope you have a glorious week!

Love always,
Sister Stones
Oh hey, Hope you are doing good with life! Just wanted to say hey! :)
Miss your face!!!
Love ya!
Sister Stones
This is me and Sister BORLAND!!! (love her!)
SISTER LOAR (Janda Loar) is in my mission!!! CRAZY!!!


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