Friday, April 19, 2013

Miracles- Mar 11

Hello Family!!!

First I have to say thank you for all of your prayers! I feel them every day and I see the miracles from the daily!! But this weekend especially! Well, last night to narrow it down even more. So we having been really working hard to find more people to teach, and we have decided that we are changing our attitudes and we are going to be positive and happy and excited to be doing this work (because it had begain getting really hard) and this week just from changing our outlook we have seen so many more miracles!! Last night we had an amazing lesson with Ross and his family!! He has been taking the lessons since 99 and has read the book of mormon here and there and has been asked by the missionaries to pray and ask directly if the book of mormon is true, and if joseph smith is a prophet of God and time and time again he puts it off... for YEARS!! So last night the spirit was so strong in our lesson! We testified of the book of mormon so simply and plainly and then I asked him to pray right their with us. The spirit was so strong, and I have never seen his wife so hopeful while kneeling down to pray before. He prayed so earnestly and wanted to know so badly, and we know he got his answer! He now has to build the courage to talk to his mom to tell her! He is such an amazing father and husband! He is so humble and kind and will be even that much more of an influence to his kids when he has the priesthood and can bless them in those ways as well!!
And then!! We went to a family that lived close by that we had met a couple weeks ago, they actually knocked on the door where we were at!! hahaha we had parked our car in a spot that could have gotten towed and so they were coming to let us know so we could move our car. And I was so thankful for them I asked if I could give them a card and share a message! They said of course and then the spirit took the wheel and we talked for a good while about how their is a prophet on the earth today and all the amazing miracles that have come forth from it, and gave them a book of mormon, and the whole time he just kept calling us his angles and kept saying how grateful he was they came over and knocked!!! So last night we went to go and see them and to share more. We learned all about the struggles in their lives and how strong their relationship with God is and how they are just searching for a church to raise their family in and that they will just "fit". We taught them about the restoration and how they can know for themselves, and the spirit was so strong when we invited them to read the book of mormon they both said of course with no hesitation and when we invited them to be baptized she said yes, and he said "well, I was already baptized, but yeah, I will" my heart just leaped for joy!! They have such great faith in Christ that if he asked them to change they wouldn't even hesitate!! I love them already!! And what I love is how prepared they were, his mom was a pastor of a church and passed away about a year ago. She always taught him that "when you know, then you will know you know!" that you have to know for yourself and you have to pray to know... to ask the source. Loved it! So we are going to go back and teach them about families and the plan of salvation on tuesday!! They are truly a miracle and we were put in each others paths because we were listening and was were the Lord needed us to be!

I love this gospel! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord's church on the earth!! That His priesthood power is again on the earth and that we can be with our families for eternity because of that! I love you all! I love the Book of Mormon and I love my Savior! I hope you all have a wonderful missionary filled week!!


Sister Stones

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