Friday, April 19, 2013

Mar 25- Missionary Life

Hello From Herndon! Sister Steadman and I are seein miracles!!!!

I love being a missionary!! I get to talk to everyone and ask them all sorts of questions and get to know all about their lives and yeah... it's awesome!! Haha this week well on monday President Riggs called and asked if we were in a position to be able to bike in Herndon. We freaked out for a moment told him we would give it a try and then get back to him! We told him our dilema of Herndon having no street lights... like non and if we were to rely on our members at night to drive us around it would be the women who are getting their kiddos to bed so we don't know how that would work. But we would try. SO... We biked!!! To tell you the truth it felt great!! I love biking. (I know my track record probably says otherwise) but really. However, we did run into some problems. Like first. I now understand when dad says we walked uphill to and from school. I have no idea how it is possible but it is. and it's exhausting. Second. There are MAYBE 2 streets in the entire town on Herndon that go all the way through. So on the map where it looks like something is right next to where you are... it's not. You have to go ALL the way around to be able to get there! So we had 3 lessons planned and only made it to one because it took us 3 hours to bike to and from anywhere. Also exhausting!! haha and!! on all the bike paths there are straight up obstacles you have to get through to be able to continue. Ha so yeah needless to say we reported back to President and we get to keep our car! haha Thank goodness! I have never been so grateful for a car ever! Ok and onto Missionay Miracles!!

So this week has been crazy! We have had meetings and planning sessions and more meetings! We had ward conference, and on top of that we've been finding and teaching lessons like crazy! This week we found 5 new investigators!! 5!! I am pretty sure that is the most that have ever been found in a week in Herndon! I know with out a doubt that it was all because of the Lord. We have been working as hard as we can and trying to be as obedient as possible and even fine tuning little things here are there and we are seeing the fruits! :) I love training! It is really humbling! I am reminded all the time of how crucial it is to rely on Heaven Father and to really make sure I am doing HIS work and not just going through the motions of mine. And when we do we really see the miracles!

I know that this is the Work of my Father in Heaven. He knows exactly who is ready to hear the message of His Restored Gospel! Whether it is someone I am teaching or someone that just happens to walk by, I am constantly opening my mouth and talking to everyone! I love this work! I testify that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and He wants everyone to be apart of it! I am grateful to be a mouth piece for my Savior! He has done more than I can even comprehend for me, I am honored to give this time to Him! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!! Talk to you later!!!

OH ps shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my old fart Sista ALLY who's 30!!! And to grandma stones who is 90!! and whoever else has a birthday that I missed!! Love you all!!!

Love you,

Sister Stones



1. Our obstacle course we had to carry our bikes through 4 times
2. We did a Family Home Evening with a cute family and talked about prayer and all the stuff we have to have to get the right "connection"!! Don't worry they are cups with string connecting them!! It worked! Genius!
3: Herndon... spaghetti mess
5. Don't worry it's march 25th and it's snowing... NOT a fan

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