Monday, March 4, 2013

So blessed! March 4

First: Can you believe it's March!
Second: General Conference is just around the corner!
Third: God is great!

This week has been great! we are working hard to find more people to teach and so on saturday we tracted for 7 hours. YUEP you read that right we knocked on doors and walked around passing out cards, pamphlets, and copies of the Book of Mormon for 7 hours. Lets just say I felt like I got hit by a bus Sunday morning when I woke up haha. But I loved every minute of it. I know I have expressed before my love for tracting (I know I am weird) but I haven't done a doozy like this before! ha. But we did find someone to teach! Her name is Elizabeth. She is a girl out here for college and SUPER open to religion and learning about what different people believe and how they work. She was asking so many questions and after we taught her the apostasy and restoration she was like, oh yeah that totally makes sense why it would need to be restored. She was so great! She seemed really excited to read the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her again on Tuesday to continue to teach more! It was great! Then for the rest of the night we were on this spiritual high and even if people said no thanks or weren't very nice about declining the offer to hear more, it was fine haha because God blessed us with Elizabeth! And we HAD to have planted seeds! haha.

We had return and report as well, which is when all the trainers and trainees come together and learn about what is working and what isn't. Let's just say Heavenly Father has blessed me with the greatest companion ever! Sister Steadman is a rockstar and is so ready and willing to work! Hearing the struggles of the other trainers I was just in such gratitude! I love that we are figuring out Herndon. We are determined and willing to knock on every door to find those people that Lord has prepared! I love being able to talk to people about God and Jesus Christ, great discussions are had on the doorsteps in Herndon!

Also, drum roll please!...........this morning I finished the Book Of Mormon!!! That was super exciting!! Ps the end of the Book of Mormon is sad! I may or may not have shed some tears for what happened. I am excited to start over again though! And to learn more of what the Lord needs me to know!! I LOVE diving into those pages! I have learned SO much about myself and my Savior and how to become more like Christ by studying those pages! LOVE IT!!

Ok Well I love you all and I love hearing about all of your lives and I can't wait to continue to hear about all of your lives! Sorry this is so short, my attention span is about this length today haha! Story of my life, and my ability to sleep through the night has gone out the window. So I am trying to keep my eyes open! ha. I love you all so much! Good luck this week with all your adventures and I can't wait to hear about them!


Sister Stones

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