Friday, April 19, 2013

April 1- Happy Easter

Happy easter everyone!!
I hope eveyone had such an amazing day celebrating Christ yesterday! Because I did! I love being a missionary and getting to serve him with all my heart! I have been so blessed to be here in Herndon the ward members love us so much! We had "easter dinner" twice! On saturday and on sunday, with the Jensens and the Grachans, SO much food was consumed I am pretty sure I gained like 15 pounds just from this weekend alone! Oh AND I got the package from Mom and Dad with the candy and almonds and fun pictures from the Stones kids! That was so much fun oh and I got the CD from Jonathan!! Greatest CD ever I listened to it today and they are amazing (it's a disney CD with the best songs ever!)!!
I wanted to shout out to MOM and RICKEY and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have such a wonderful day on Wednesday!!! (PS thank you to Curtis and Rachel for the amazing calendar with everyones birthdays on it!)
This week has been really great! We have been teaching such wonderful lessons and having such great conversations with everyone on the street! We have been doing something fun where we go to the members of the ward and show them a map of our area and then asked them to pick a street, and then we go and tract on it! And it has been really fun and successful! We have actually found some really amazing people that way and we have had some great potentials come from it!
So this morning I was studying and I had an AMAZING study and so I wanted to share a little of it with you! I am in 1 nephi chapter 17 right now in the book of mormon, and this is where Nephi is telling all the crazy things that are happening aka their wifes are having children in the wilderness and they have been traveling for 8 years and their have actually been so many things happen that they can't actually right them all. and Nephi says How grateful he is for the amazing blessings that the Lord has given them! And I just sat their in awe this morning! Because I am pretty sure I would have turned into a Laman and Lemuel that whole time and just complained and pointed out everything hard that was happening. haha and then I chuckled inside because the other day it was BEAUtiful outside and we were knocking on doors and I said "It is such a great day to tract!" and then it started to rain! haha and instantly out of my mouth I said "awe man!". I laughed again because of the irony of my statement and cituation... I thought about all the amazing things that came out of that day and it was in fact a great day to tract! I then thought about how many times Nephi saw the blessings because he was keeping the commandments of God. And when he did that no matter his current cituation he always had the Lord there and that peace, and especially the eternal perspective! And it helped give me that added desire to keep the commandments of God because hard things are still going to happen, I mean his brothers tied him to a boat for crying out loud, but he knew he had the promise of God and he didn't need to worry or be down trodden. I want to be that same way. The Lord tells him in vs 13 "I will also be your light in the wilderness; and I will prepare the way before you, IF it so be that ye keep my commandments; wherefore, inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall be led towards the promised land;..." I LOVE when the lord promises things in the Book of Mormon, because he says "I WILL" which is an absolute, which means if we keep our end and just choose to do what he asks (which will be FAR better than if we do it on our own) then HE WILL prepare a way for us and be that light! So awesome!!
I love this gospel and I love this work! I am so blessed to get to know what God expects of me so I can one day live with Him!
I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week! I would love to hear what you guys are studying! What your favorite scriptures are and what you have learned this week! And if you haven't and you need a little kick start, well here it is!! GO FIND WHAT THE LORD WANTS YOU TO KNOW TODAY!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Love always,
Sister Stones

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