Monday, April 22, 2013

Kingstowne C- April 22

Hello Family!!!
Oh my goodness this week has been CRAZY!! So we had transfer meeting on Wednesday (which today feels like was a month ago!) And for the first few hours I had no companion because Sister Steadman is training! After only being out in the field for 11 weeks (she is muh hero!) so that was weird.... companion less. and Fun fact about me, I am not really a fan of surprises! So transfer meeting is not that great to me... sitting in anticipation, having absolutely no idea what is going to happen for the next who knows how long of life?! With who knows who, and who knows where?! All I know is I am leaving. Bleck.. not a fan. AND to top it off our mission has been split in half so some people were getting transferred into a different mission entirely!! But something I DO know. Is that where ever I am going and with who and for how long, the Lord knows so I don't have to worry! Thank goodness!!
So transfer meeting happens and I am sitting next to my adopted companion for the time being sitting with all the rest of us in the same boat as me and the President starts in on his schpeal about how this is the Lords work and we need to accept chance and love it! and that we need to decide our attitude right then and there on how we are going to react to what ever the Lord see's that we need! So I decided I was going to cry if I was switching missions and... hehe just kidding. I knew that where ever I was going was because the Lord needed me there and I would love everything about it! He started off and my heart was pounding with every pair of companionships getting paired together, lots of laughter, lots of gasps, and snaps (that means people are likin whats happenin, it's more reverent than clapping) and then he says, "On to Mount Vernon Stake... Sister Stones And Sister Hanson Will travel to Kingstowne C " (so to translate what that means) Both of us are from different area's getting put here. So neither of us know the area or anyone in it! SO Yep we are white washin the area!! Kinda.. There are already 2 sets of Elders in the ward and we are the first set of Sisters to ever be in the Area! So I am back in the Mount Vernon Stake! I love everything about that!
So I am with Sister Hanson from Utah!! She is SO great! haha and hilarious! We laugh all day every day and try and talk to as many people as the Lord puts in our path. When we first got here we had no map of the area, no ward directory, and no shower curtain. (haha that was funny) SO we got all of that stuff (color coded everything!!) and now we are hitting the ground running! This week is going to be full of miracles I can feel it! We are so excited and the ward is amazing! EVERYONE is young and has a bunch of little kids who we are already best friends with so we fit right in haha :)
I LOVE this work and I LOVE the Lord, He is aware of all of us and we are so precious to Him! I am so grateful to know that I have a loving Father Who can see the big picture, that He is constant and I can rely on Him, I love Him and love Christ as well. I get to be better each day because He has showed me how! I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!
Love you,
Sister Stones
Fun things happening this week:
I Hit my 9 month mark!!!
I turn 24 (next monday... same diff)
We color coded our area and the members to help us stay sain!! haha it was a lot of fun! And yes that is a carton of ice cream in the middle of us! :)
New Companion in a new area, Sister Hansen from UT.


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