Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Season- Nov 19

My heart is so full right now from all the love I have felt this season. It is hard being away from home, and I will be honest I am a little homesick, but really I am so blessed to be able to have such an amazing support group. I have been born into the best family and I don't know why I got so lucky. You are all such amazing examples to me and I can't wait to be able to be like each one of you someday. You just ooze the gospel and I just soke it up. Getting your letters, however boring you think your lives are just brings the biggest smile to my face, the people in the library probably think I am crazy!!
I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving!! We taught a lesson last monday night at our investigator Andrews House (he's getting baptized December 8th!!) and he made a HUGE thanksgiving dinner! It was delicious, and on thrusday we will be going to a members house to celebrate! The area is a lot different from my other area but honestly the ward and the people are just as great! We are looking high and low for new peole to teach so that has been challenging, but it has been good. I have definitely seen the Lords hand in our lives. Sister Feng is so great! She is a convert to the church of 4 years and is from China. She has had a hard life and is such an example to me. She is on a mission in a foreign land speaking a foreign language and she is stuck with me. haha ;) We are definitly learning patience. Which is so great because it's a christlike quality I have been wanting to develop for a while now, what better time to develop it than early on in the mission.
We are teaching such wonderful people and I am so blessed to be in an area that will cause me to stretch and grow.
I love my Savior so very much! I am grateful for this thanksgiving season.
I am thankful to me a missionary in the greatest place.
I am thankful for a patient companion
I am thankful for my strong family, that I get to be attatched to for eternity
I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is has brought me so much strength and hope and excitement!
I am eternally grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and his Sacrafice for me. So that I can change and grow and be a different person each day!
I love you all so much and I hope you have an AMAZINGA THANKSGIVING!!! And I can't wait to hear more fun stories next monday!
Love you love you love you!
Sister Stones

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