Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy December- Dec 3

Hello everyone!!

Oh my goodness gracious I can't believe it is December already! What?!?! My mind is blown. I am pretty sure I just got off the airplane to the MTC and It is now almost Christmas! seriously mind=blown!

I hope everyone is doing well and have had a wonderful week! Keep up the good work! I am so thankful for this Christmas Season! Today it was 70 degrees out! Talk about the greatest welcoming the Christmas season ever, it's been in the 40's lately so let's just say I have shouted "hello" to the sun quite a few times, and we are driving with our windows down! Love everything about it!

I don't know if I have talked about Andrew before, but he is doing wonderful!! He is getting baptized on December 15th and he is so excited! He has been searching for a church for a while and when we asked him what it meant to him to be baptized he said, I finally have found a place where I can call home. He is so great! Young guy married with a 2 year old. His wife is a member but had gone really inactive because they didn't ever talk about religion, so it has been really fun to see her come our of her shell as well the more we talk with them both! She will pull our her scriptures and read right along with us and will participate in the lessons it's really cool. I've loved getting to know both of them!

We had stake conference which was so amazing!! This stake is amazing!! So this whole hurricane Sandy fiasco that has been going on in New York, this stake had hundreds of people over the Thanksgiving weekend go and help clean up, and they are putting together another crew of people to go this weekend! They are so inspiring! They drop everything to help others and I want to be just like that when I get home. It has been amazing to work really closely with the members I love them a lot!

And then we got to watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional last night! seriously. SO inspiring! Those men are so insightful and speak in such a way that you can't help but want to repent and change and be better! Man. If you didn't get to watch it I would suggest it! Go to and click on the Christmas Devotional you wont regret it!

I love this gospel and I am so blessed to have such an amazing support group back home. Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes thrown this way, they have been felt and appreciated!

Challenge: Pray this week to find someone to share the gospel with, or talk about the Christmas season and how happy you are you can learn in church how to live together as a family for eternity. It isn't hard and really is the BEST gift you could give this season! Reach out and support! The gospel has been restored and everyone needs to know! I love you all so much! and can't wait for another amazing week of sharing and spreading the love!

Love you all

Sister Stones

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