Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 27th

....alo!!!! Ok first before I go into my letter I have a couple things of business to attend to. Numero uno: I need to know how much is in my account... I am flying blind and need to buy some stuff haha like winter gear because it's going to start getting cold and I am going to freeze muh bunz off (could I get an update weekly or something?)Numero Dos: Use one of the nice pictures from the photo shoot and scripture 2 Nephi 22:2 for my plaquethressss: When sending packages or letters send them to the mission office and they will get forwarded to mwah. And when sending packages Use the United States Postal Service not UPS or FEDEX because they dont forward and then it takes a really long time to get to me. Like the next time I or someone goes to the mission office which who knows when that would actally be :)and lastly for this awesome list before my week update which feels like a day/month is: any super sinple easy recepies I can make that are fast and yummy :) spanks! OK ONTO THE LETTER! Oh my goodness this week has been amazing! I didn't even know so many amazing miracles could fit into one week! God is so great! Oh and my bike has decided to OWN me! Straight up own me. On monday after my letter and getting back into the day, it was raining and we were wet and biking in the rain and going to a members house to get some keys for a meeting for the next day when my bike decided it didn't want me riding it anymore. I was going through a tight fit and my handle bar caught the brick wall next to me [I was going down hill and quick might I add] when all the sudden I was flying over my handle bars and face down in the street! I somehow caught myself from smashing my face and I didn't get any dirt on my white shirt [miracle!] got up brushed myself off [was a little shaken] fixed my glasses, got back on my bike and kept riding. haha Sister Rozsa felt so bad and kind of laughed but was concerned at the same time, and hahaha it was just funny bike: 2 Sister Stones: 0 (I should probably stop while I'm ahead... nah) But honestly Heavenly Father blessed us with the most amazing experience that night when we were doing a pass lesson (handing off one of Sister Rozsa's old investigators to the Elders). We taught Almaz the plan of happiness and she was so touched, recieved a blessing [because work and health and things were difficult] and wants to get baptized. She is wonderful! This week has been full of miracles like that! We are doing something new as missionaries in the ward with the members where rather than going to them and asking if they have any referals, we go to their houses and ask if they have recieved any revelation for us as the sister missionaries in the ward to help them or their families or their friends and neighbors with anything they might need. And if not, we ask if they would pray about it to recieve that revelation and we will check back the same time the next week. It's really great because it kind of takes all of us out of our comfort zones and we know how it feels to be an investigator. We ask people all day to read and pray to know if the book of mormon is true, and if Jesus Christ has restored his gospel on the earth. So why shouldn't we as members of this church be doing the same thing and recieving that revelation to help anyone we might know! I love it! It's so inspired! And I feel that everyone should be doing that! Praying to recieve revelation!! I was studying this morning and I realized that the greatest thing that anyone can recieve in this life is an answer from our Father in Heaven! Each of our relationships with Him are so different and so unique that we need to know specifically how He speaks to us whether it be throught the scriputers through other people through the feelings or thoughts that we get, but that we need to be urgently figuring it out! I know I want to! He wants to hear from us [so we pray] and we deperately want to know what to do in life or where to go and he is anxiously waiting to tell us! We just have to ask and know how he answers. It's so amazing, and so simple, we just have to have faith to act! I love how amazingly different each day is! We talk with different people in different stages of life, And we are lead by Heavenly Father to do just that. One day this week every single appointment that we had happend! No one canceled no one wasn't home and we had such an amazing day, the weather was beautiful and everything was spiritually amazing! The next day every single appointment fell through, it was pouring we were riding up hills in the rain and I was still singing there is sunshine in my soul today! We talked to everything that breathed even if we were all caught in the rain, I looked at sister Rozsa and I said, "Sometimes I feel a little bad stopping them in the rain." and she said "Don't! in the next life they will be confused why we didn't stop them because of a little rain." That hit me, and it's so true. The message that we are out here sharing is all about helping people come unto Christ completely, and if we don't tell them then they don't know where to look! SO a little rain for their Salvation is worth it!! :) And we were blessed with an amazing miracle that night! We were not having any success finding anyone or knowing where to go, we had prayed a million times and just felt like we were biking to no where when we went down this random street and this man was listening to the GREATEST oldschool music and we rode by and then both looked at each other and felt that we needed to stop and talk to him so as we were locking up our bikes a lady came out of her house to get her pizza. Her name is Beverly! Ah I love her! We got talking to her and fell in love instantly we asked her what she thought about God and how He had changed her life and she tried to shoo us away haha but she needed help caring her pizza and things into her house so she invited us in gave us water and asked us to share this "wonderful" message we were talking about. haha so we did and the spirit was so amazingly strong we could have swam in it! She is so amazing and I can't wait to go back next week to continue to teach and talk to her! It's been like that all week! I thank Heavenly Father for the miracles he lets me see and be apart of everyday! He really is a God of miracles and I am so privlaged to be here! Ok well I need to go finish laundry and writing letters to friends since I am terrible at writting!! I love you all so much and I hope to hear from you all when I check my email next monday because I lOVE knowing what is happening in everyone's lives! Send pictures as well!!! I love you I love you I love you!!!!! Sister Stones PS. Sister Rozsa say hello!!! and she loves you all!! I show her pictures and tell family stories all the time so she knows everyone haha! I love it!!

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