Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 20th

HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!Oh my goodness I have had so many firsts this week!!! I got here last wednesday and oh my goodness it is breath taking! Right now I don't think I could ever come home! I love my mission president his wife and all of their kids they are great! We (as in me and the other missionaries) stayed at their house on that night ate dinner talked about the different area's and just yeah it was great (we had lasagna and salad and garlic bread and I just felt like I was home). Then Thursday came and I met my first companion!!! DRummmrollll please!!!!!!!! klsadjf;oasiefas;kjfa;sdlfkj.... Her name is Sister Rozsa and she is AMAZING!! oh my goodness I love her. She is the hardest working person I have met and I am so beyond greatful for it. I am the 4th person she has trained I believe (because she is so amazing) and I can't wait to continue to learn and grow and be bold like she is! Love it! We are serving in Sherlington (which is literally right around the area where deanna and rickey lived... kinda.) We go to the same ward building I do know that (which was cool). And we are in a car area, but since it is the city and there are so many people walking and biking and just outside... we bike.... EVERYWHERE. I straight up am going to be in the geatest shape of my life after these next 12 weeks (so no I will not get fat!)! I have never seen so many hills in my life! I am going to be able to come home and bike the superstition mountains (is that possible?! because I feel like it will be when I am done). And yeah don't worry the bike already has showed me who is boss as well, I have a great battle wound bruise to show for it on my right thigh, I will try to take a picture (while still being modest) so you can all laugh at me (since I know you all are anyway). That is one: Why you don't get off a bike while it's still moving (bc I don't know what I am doing) and two because then your skirt gets caught in it and that bike is heavier so it will pull you down and shows you who's boss! Bike 1/Sister Stones 0.But honestly I am loving my mission. The first few days I just smiled and talked to whoever Sister Rozsa would look at me with the "talk to them" eyes and I would blindly follow. And because I didn't know anyone we were teaching I just knew names in my planner and was praying for people I didn't know I have grown to love them and can't WAIT to meet them all! I have meet some and they might be my favorite people in the whole world! I have met so many people from different countries in the last 5 days it is amazing!! I love it so much! We talk to everyone! I just get to talk about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and hear peoples testimonies about them all day and then I get to ask if they want to learn more. Sometimes people run away from us like some lady told me "You're a mormon and you are just trying to sell me something!" and then I laughed told her God bless her and went the other way smiling! Who says that to someone?! hhaha It was amazing! And some people are ok with the knowledge that they have and don't want anymore, which is fine I will find someone that does :) But I've come to the realization that I honestly don't care what people say to me I know why I am here, I know that the message I have been sent here to share is perfect and that everyone needs this message no matter who they are, how happy they are, or how "comfortable" they are in the ways they have now. With out this wonderful restored gospel of Jesus Christ that He himself restored there is no way to return to live with our loving Father in Heaven. So I am going to try my best to share that with everyone I meet. I love everyone and I can't wait to continue to meet more people (because I most certainly will!!) Sunday was amazing!! We had 3 investigators with us and one's name is Azadah. She. is. amazing. We have taught her one time but it was like 2 hours long and she has been so open to everything we have been teaching her and she just keeps saying "oh my goodness that makes so much sense!" haha I love her! We helped her clean her house because she is having company come and then we share and teach with her. She came to church and loved EVERY hour. She just soaked it up like a spounge and I can not wait to go and see her in tuesday and see how she is feeling and everything. I love this work, I see blessings everyday and I am pretty sure that as I pray God helps push me up those hills. Ok well I have to get going. I wish I could talk longer, but I need to get some other things done today since we have a couple more appointments tonight, and we need to go pick up sister Rozsa's bike from the shop (her brakes stopped working.... we might have almost died a couple times because the hills are so big and we couldn't stop. Heavenly Father was definitely looking out!) I got my glasses today and went grocery shopping and have just been learning and growning so much!! Family This week I challenge you to invite some nonmember or inactive friend to church or to something. I never realized how important it is for everyone to share this message. It isn't for people to become "mormon" it is so they have a way to have eternal life, to live with their families forever, and to truly be converted to Jesus Christ. ANd one other challenge. To repent and improve everyday! Truly try to become like Jesus Christ if he was here how would you act what would you do differently and then make the change and stick to it and I promise you so many blessings!!! Ah I love you all so very much and I wish I could just write all day long!!!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU!!! Sister Stones Come what may, and love it!

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