Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 9th

HELLO!!!!! Second Pday and going on 3 weeks, my next one will be in DC!! So crazy! I feel like I have learned SOOO much yet nothing at the same time. It's a weird feeling haha. I've been in class and learning something new and then teaching all day for the past two weeks and then eating in between, ha. I am starting to feel comfortable teaching and sister Arbon and I are beginning to get into a groove. So sad we are going on opposite sides of the country so we wont get to teach together after this week. Sad day! Ok I want to tell you about one of our investigators. Her name is Barbara she is from New Jersey and she is an adorable older lady. She is hilarious and can't really keep a consistant conversation for longer than 6 minutes so we have to be clever when we are teaching her so she is at least learning something haha. The first three times were a little difficult because we had prepared just like for everyone else and then ended up not teaching anything planned (which I hear happens a lot) anyway, by our last time which was last night we figured out how to talk to her and how to keep her attention and how to help her understand the inportance of the message we were sharing. By the end of last night she knows: that there is a god and he is a somebody with a body (she likes that and says it all the time) because she had never heard that. That he loved her and wanted to help her in her life. She knew who the holy ghost was and how to recognize when she felt it, that the book of mormon was true and that she could find answers and how Christ expected us to live our lives and then she prayed to know if she should be baptized. She gave the sweetest prayer I have ever head and I just hugged her when we left. The spirit was so strong and it really testified to me the reason I am out here. Even if it was only for Barbara to realize her potential and that she had a Father in Heaven who loved her me being out here on my mission would be worth it. Even if every other day is so hard that I want to cry [which I do], those moments make it so worth it! Ok what else can I write about? EVERYTHING?! oh wait I don't have enough time. OH that's right I caught a virus and I've been sick for the last week with this nasty terrible caugh so now I sound like a man when I sing and talk. All the elders take turns picking on me. It's great fun. haha Hopefully it goes away soon! Lets see... I got my package yesterday which was HUGE and everyone was super jealous. I just reminded them that they got letters everyday so we were even and then Elder Day says "It's ok Sister Stones You're 23 you dont have any friends and more... we understand. :)" hahaha terd. Anyway we were late to class because sister arbon and I had to rip it open to see what was inside! THANK YOU MOM for the delicious chips and salsa! Not having it for 2 and a half weeks is crazy! I didn't even know I could miss it that much! But after class me, sister arbon, sister mansfield, and sister pyle may or may not have inhaled it in a matter of minutes [the entire bag of chips and jar of salsa]. It was so delishious! Most everyone else that gets salsa gets it confiscated but because momma wrapped it so sneakaly they didn't get it! SO GLAD!! It was so needed! :) We took pictures and laughed because we are really cool like that and then we played our new invented game "taste the rainbow!!" Where we sat in a circle grabbed a handful of skittles, and then took turns closing our eyes, showing everyone the color, eating it, and guessing the color. hahahahaha we were laughing so hard I have no idea why. Thinking about it now seems silly, but when you sit in a class room for 10 hours of the day you find anything to find excitement and that was ours. We also might have been a little tired. :) I love those sisters! Like I was saying in my last letter I LOVE MY ELDERS!!! I love my district I love my zone! We are the best! All the elders wait for us to finish our food and then they will get our trays, or they will hold the door open, or if you need a good laugh they are right there making you laugh so hard you can't breath! Ok I wanted to write down the funny things they do or Say! Elder Waldron: [Said in King Julian's Voice] "Which one of you is attracted to me?!" hahahahaha don't worry he said that the first time we met him and he's said it everyday since. Elder Nelson: [We aren't aloud to eat in the classroom and he was eating a snickers Brother Picket walked in and pointed at him and yelled "FOOD!!!"] He then shoved THE ENTIRE snickers in his mouth. and smiled. hahaha Elder Swensen [everything he says is funny because he is quiet and so when he does speak it makes you roll]: While the elders were talking about Bible bashing out of no where he just says. "Bible bashing?! NO why don't we just share a popsicle?!" Elder Brown: May or may not be Syndromes (from incredibles) identical twin!!Elder Day: (for the time being has replaced jonathan, mostly because they are the same person! hahaha) I was singing a song in the classroom and with his back to me says, "Who is that MAN singing? (turns around) oh... It's just Sister Stones." ahh hahahaha I love him~! Ok I know these may not be funny to anyone else but these elders are my new favorite people! I am sad we are all splitting up but can't wait to hear how they all do!!! Ok question... are my glasses in yet?! Welp I am like 10 minutes over so I've gotta go! I love everyone I hope you all know how much I love you and miss you all! Love Sister Stones

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