Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3-Miracles

Hello everyone!!!
Ok so I am so grateful to have the time to read and respond to lettersand emails today!! Oh my goodness I love hearing how everyone is doingand now it is my turn!! Today I am going to send a couple pictures aswell. I don't have that much time to write and things just because oftime and stuff but I am going to keep writing until sister rozsa kicks me off!
I love her! That is all I have to say, I laugh all day everydaybecause she is so amazing! She is going home soon which is so sadbecause I never want her to leave me and she never wants to go home,she says she is going to extend till she dies. haha and then she isjust going to marry a strippling warrior! She's amazing! I don'tremember what I already said about her but she loves the whole familyand know's everything about everyone because we are talking all thetime (during lunch and dinner because we are riding our bikes theother hours of the day or talking to fantastic people!) She is from California 2nd out of 6 both her parents went on missions she has thegreatest personality ever and I love that she is teaching and trainingme! It's amazing! Love her!!
Ok so I want to tell you about a couple miracles we have had andbecause there are so many because God is a God of miracles I can onlychose a couple great ones which is hard because they are truly allgreat in their own way!!Darlene (49 year old black lady who is hilarious and out spoken, tellsit like it is and is my favorite). I have only met with her a couple times because I am new and she is so quick to pick up on Sister Rozsa's subtle but blunt silent moments in lessons when it is my turnto talk and pick up where she left off. Ha ha she called me out on itand we laughed for a good while, but she told me I was getting better and she loved having us come[so that's good]. This last week we cameto teach her about the plan of salvation and she loved it! She is sick and living alone so she is really struggling with life really and loves talking to us. We discussed the atonement and how important it is for her and her situation right now, and how much our Savior loves her. The spirit was so strong and I was able to share about dad and how the atonement has helped our family and the spirit was so strong. I love her so much and I know that because our Savior came andsuffered and died for her specifically that she can be blessed by thisgospel. It will give her the strength when she reads and it will blessher when she needs that little extra momentum to get through the day.I love her! She is so special! She is on date for baptism andhopefully she will come to church this next sunday, she keeps sayingshe isn't ready, I think she is silly! ha
Ok I was going to give a couple more but I don't have time so I will tell you the most amazing tender mercy ever! The Lord definitly looks after his children and loves us when we are where we are supposed to be. We were supposed to have 5 people with us at church yesterday and one after another they all dropped like flies and the last second. It was so sad to call each of them and each give their reason. But oddly Sister Rozsa and I felt ok we went to sacrament and the rest of the classes with our amazing 2 that came and then the miracle! One of the memebers of the ward came down to our class with this sweet lady looking for the "full time missionaries" we went up and met her. Her name is Nora and she was just driving by and felt that today she needed to turn around and come inside. She had been driving by the church for months and wanting to come in and today she had the courage. She is searching for the church that she can really develop that personal relationship with Jesus Christ and her Heavenly Fatherand where she can feel at home. She was explaining to us how much peace she felt just by being in the building and talking with us, like she had known us for forever. [I love her] We talked to her for a little and gave her a book of mormon. We have another appointment with her and I cannot wait to get to know her more. I want to be more like her! To listen to a prompting from God [she didn't know what it was she just knew she had some come today] and then act! She turned her car around, parked the car, opened the door, got out of her car,walked to the building, opened the church door, found someone to talk to, and then found us. Those are SO many steps to do to that she could have turned around and said never mind but she continued to act. She let the Lord guide her and she followed. I LOVE HER! She is so sweet and I am so humbled and thankful to be able to be apart of her beautiful life.
I am continually in awe of the miracles that my Father in Heaven allows me to be apart of. That he trust me enough [a broken instrument] to send me to His children to help lead them back to Him. Some people say no and it's ok it isn't their time yet, but when people like Darlene and Nora are searching and wanting that peace and understanding it's amazing to even be apart of. Heavenly Father loves all of his children so much and I get the smallest sample size of how he feels when I get to be a part of these wonderful miracles! I am sothankful. I have also noticed that when you truly and 100% put God first in your life he will micromanage the rest so you don't have to be so crazy.It's the moment you try to do it yourself that the world seems to big for you to handle. Let Him handle it. His son has already come and paid it all they ask is that we follow and obey and live the way Christ would. Be kind, love one another, and serve. Heavenly Father wants to be apart of your lives and he wants to help. So let him! :)
I love you all so much! You are all in my prayers and I love hearing from you! So keep me updated and I will do the same!Come what may and love it! Love Sister Stones!!!
Sorry I don't know what picture this is ha() so have fun with which everone the computer gave you!

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