Monday, August 27, 2012

Aug 2nd

Hey everyone! I have been here for 8 days!! Crazy! I can't even believe it! I have grown so much in these last couple days! The spirit is so strong everywhere and I love being able to look around and see swarms of missionaries headed everywhere in the world. Since we got here on a wednesday and our Pday is on thursdays here at the MTC we had to wait until the NEXT thursday till ours. So lets just say I am so greatful for the break! I only have a few minutes to type and I have SO much to talk about. I didn't even know so much could happen in 8 days I am completely overloaded. hahaha. When people said that you would have some of your best days and worst days in the MTC they weren't kidding. There are times when I am teaching and learning when I feel so great and I feel like I can do this, and then somedays I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and ha ya. Lets just say I am greatful to know this is just practice so when I do screw up I can fix it. Or ask as many questions as I want, which I do. Oh but seriously even with some moments making me want to pull my hair out! I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know this is where I am supposed to be and I am willing to go through the hard times for the great ones. I love my companion! Her name is Sister Arbon and I am pretty sure we new each other before this life and were meant to be together! We are the same person, movies, music, disneyland, laughing, joking, I am having such a great time, And she knows exactly what to do when I am struggling and having a hard time. She is so great! Sadly she is headed to Vancouver so I only get to be graced by her presence while here, but I am so blessed and I love every moment! My district is amazing! There are 10 of us four girls and 6 boys and they have become my best friends/family. Those elders make me laugh so hard and they keep me smiling all day long. Two of them (Elder Brown and Elder Day) are headed with me to DC South August 15 and the rest are headed to Canada and Minnesota. I can't believe we aren't going to the same places, I am going to miss them so much! Ha ah I love them! We are in classes most of the day and learning SO much my brain can't even handle it. We learn something and then go right ahead and practice it. There is no time to think.... at all. You just learn and do. I wish I just had one entire day to study and learn and put into my brain all of the information I want to have!! It is frustrating at times because I am not the greatest with words. I am if I am able to write them down first but just pulling them out of thin air might be one of the hardest things I have to do. Along with that being stressful yesterday I taught 4 investigators in one day! And I have only been here for a week. There have been a lot of prayers to help me not lose my mind and to help me be able to not be afraid and just do the work, but it is hard! I have always known that the church was true, and everything that goes along with it, but it has been a challenge since everyone I am teaching wants to know why?! Why for EVERYTHING which I totally understand! I would want to know why too if someone was telling me about something foreign to me. So That is something I am stuggling with as well, I have always just had faith, but it's good now I am finding all the answers for the people I am teaching. It is making me learn so much more, and I am able to fully KNOW the church is true from my own studying and prayer! Oh I just love it!! I just got back from the temple and now only have 9 min on the computer to finish this letter I seriously have SO much to say! I have run into so many people while being here. Justin Curtis is a teacher upstairs, and Sam Boyle is teaching as well and saw me in the Cafeteria and came over and said hi! That was fun! ha! The food isn't too bad I think mom you would be proud of me for trying new things! Sundays here are my favorite! Just so much studying and then we have a fireside and get to just sit and soak up all the wonderful wisdom of the speaker! Same with tuesday we have a devotional that night so I look forward to those days because my brain gets to rest! hahaha. I love hearing from everyone! It is seriously the highlight of my day when I get a letter or package!!! Oh it's great! Ok I love you all. I have been trying to think of what to say but my brain is overloaded with so much I seriously have no idea what to write! It's harder than anyting I have ever done in my life but SO REWARDING!!! I cry I laugh I read I memorize! I am tired ALL day long, but still so wonderful! I'm pretty sure I am bipolar now hahahahaha! My time is about up! I love you all I miss you all send me pictures, letters, or praryers my way!! Love you all!!! Sister Stones

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