Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sorry So Short Sept 24

Hello Family and friends!!
I am so grateful to hear from everyone I love you all so much!!
Sorry this week my letter is going to be short, this has been a crazy week, but more for my learning than for my sharing. We had two exchanges back to back (which means that on wednesday Sister Feng from China came to Shirlington where I am for a day, and sister Rozsa left to where Sister Berg was.) So wednesday I was in charge of the map and the phone and everything else because I know [funny] the area and could get us from place to place. OR get us lost everywhere we went so we had to ask everyone.... ha and then talk to them about the gospel so it worked out! It was really great because I couldn't do anything but rely on the Lord to guide me where I needed to go so it was really amazing how many new people we met that we scheduled to go back and teach another day! Then on thursday we changed again and I went to Mt Vernon with Sister Evans and Sister Anderson came here to be with Sister Rozsa! Again so much learned because I didn't know the area AT ALL so I could only rely on the Lord to know where to go or who to talk to! It was exhausting but so amazing!!! I learned so much about me and so much about how the holy ghost touches my life! Then I got to come back on Friday to be with Sister Rozsa!! I missed her! haha having exchanges like that two in a row doesn't happen very often, but it was great!
But my favorite part this week was having the opportunity to take Taneala to the Temple Visitor Center in Maryland!! It.was.beautiful! We watched the testiments, and walked around the temple and just talked about how amazing it is to be able to make covenants (or promises) with God! He will always hold up his end of the promise, but we have to do our part and we will recieve so many blessings! I LOVED IT!!
I love being a missionary! I love being broken so that God can fix me with his loving, caring arms. I know that my Heavenly Father loves and protects all his children! I know that I am given challenges or mountains to climb to make me stronger! To build my foundation on christ and to be stronger and more faithful!! I know that as I rely on the Lord I can do anything I put my mind to! I love this work and I love ALL of you with ALL my heart! Put your trust in the arms of the Lord and you will be carried through life! You will be happy, blessed, and filled with the Love of God!
I love you all and I know the Lord knows you personally and wants to help with everything!! Let him :)
Love you love you love you!!
Sister Stones
We played Zone sports this morning and at the end of it I realized I had been to that park before!! Crazy feeling!! We went right before brady was born! I have a picture with tre next to the anchor! I was so amazed!! It was so cool!! I have that happen a lot haha it's fun!
 (sorry this is sideways, blogger is not my friend right now) -deanna

Me and Sister Mannchen (from Germany) at zone sports!! Love her!

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