Friday, September 21, 2012

Crazy Week!! Sept 17

Hello Family!!

I loved hearing from everyone and I am so grateful that everyone is
having such a great week! I miss you all like crazy but am LOVING the
work! The people here are amazing and I am learning so much about
myself as well as my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ as I am
here. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done to be honest.
However it is so rewarding at the same time even if the whole day no
one answered their door or didn't want to talk to you, there is always
that ONE person that does and it just makes the entire day! That's
what happened last night. ha Sister Rozsa and I prayed to know where
to go because we had some appointments fall through so we started
knocking on doors. It makes me laugh thinking about it because every
door we knocked on people were home, would look through their peephole
and then walk away EVERYTIME! We were so confused so at 9 we went and
walked back to our car [I will tell you why we were driving in a
second] and walked by the nicest looking guy. So we stopped him and
started talking. Found out he is Athiest, but seriously the happiest
athiest I've ever met. He asked us questions. We answered asked him
some questions, gave him a book of mormon and are hopefully seeing him
later this week to explain more. But serisouly that one quick visit
with him made my whole night. And that happens all the time. It's


Ok so it's my 4th week out in the field so we had return and report on
thursday. Which is when all the other sister and elders that came out
with me all come back together and bear testimony about how it's been
going as well as we get pumped up and motivated to continue the hard
work. Oh my goodness it was the greatest pick me up ever! I loved
seeing everyone and getting to eat yummy food and just be uplifted!
Then we went and saw Darlene afterward (who I love) she wasn't going
to let us in because she was mad at us for being late, but loves us
far too much to not let us in so she caved haha. But she was angry.
Not just with us but she has a friend that has been telling her not so
nice things about the church and so she was trying to argue with us
about random little facts and the spirit just filled the room when I
looked at her after we had been sitting their letting her talk at us
and I asked her how she felt. She went silent and looked at me and
said, "frustrated!" and I said quietly "with us" and she blinked and
thought and said "no with him. I don't like what he has to say". So
then we continued to just open our mouths and trust that the spirit
would tell her what she needed to hear. It was amazing. We were able
to help her see the distinct difference between having the spirit and
not and even writing about it now reminds me how amazing it was! I
love Darlene and her Heavenly Father loves her so much more and she is
a special daughter!

Then the crazy happened on friday. I got in a bike accident!! Like it
should have been really bad but Heavenly Father and everyone's prayers
kept me safe and fine. Sister Rozsa and I were headed to a a dinner
appointment on one of the bike trails and we rode by a member. We both
turned around to say hello and when I turned back sister Rozsa had
slowed down because she wasn't watching where she was going [ps my
brakes didn't work] so I turned around and she was there. So our tires
collided and I flew off my bike and landed face first onto the
biketrail, slid into the grass on my hands and face and flipped onto
my back and rolled a couple times. I instantly curled into a ball
because my neck hurt so back [all my force gracefully caught on my
face so my neck got a lot of the impact] luckly there were other
people around and they were on it, and since my neck was hurting so
bad they wouldn't let me go anywhere. I had to lay on my back all the
appropriate phonecalls were made and then next thing I knew an
ambulance had arrived. They asked a million questions like always, put
a neck brace on me, and put me on a stretcher, in the ambulance I went
and off to the hospital. [I have the greatest luck out of anyone I
know] The took a CT of my face to make sure nothing was broken or
internally bleeding because my eye was swollen and black and blue and
then an x-ray of my neck to make sure nothing was wrong. And while we
waited for the results Sister Rozsa then proceeded to make the time go
by faster and occupied herself like a 12 year old hahaha [she is my
favorite human being]! She closed the curtain so no one could catch
her and then proceeded to touch everything and anything she could get
her hands on. She made balloons out of the rubber gloves [and caressed
my face], looked me up and down [like a search light] with the
overhead lamp. And really anything else she could. I was laughing so
hard and awkwardly [might I add] strapped in my neck brace that I was
crying! I am pretty sure I pulled an ab muscles because of it. Then
the nurse came in and said that my face and neck looked fine. I would
be sore in the moring [which I was already expecting that] and that I
was free to go!

Seriously a miracle! There could have been so many things that should
have been wrong but I was fine. And I recieved a priesthood blessing
from some of the elders and the next morning I was sore but really
fine! My eye is a little black but I am so good with the make-up that
you can't even tell! It was amazing!

But most important of all was RAYS BAPTISM!!! Ahhh!! It was so amazing
and he was beeeming [in his own Ray way] oh my goodness it was such a
beautiful service, [my first one!] and I was so happy for him! I sang
a musical number and it was so exciting to watch ray make covanents
with his Father in Heaven! I loved being a small part of it!

OK so this week in my studies I have been think a lot about what I
want everyone to do this week and I have been thinking that everyone
needs to be like little children... hahaha what?! As in ask questions!
Why am I here?! Where am I going?! Where did I come from!? and then
look for the answers!!! And then [whether of the faith or not] borrow,
beg, steal [not reccomended bc they are free] a book of mormon and
read it. Even just a little bit! OH MY GOODNESS IT WILL CHANGE YOUR
LIFE!! It's just a book what could it hurt?! If it's not from God than
nothing. It could just be another collection in your bookcase. But if
you read it and pray and ask God if it is from Him?!?! OH my Goodness
wouldn't that just be amazing?! More from God?! You could know all the
answers you have ever wanted to know from within that amazing book.
And the only reason that's possible is if it is from God. This week I
read 2 Nephi chapter 7-9page 69-77 and my world was blown! Seriously!
I love it, because Heavenly Father can speak directly too you when you
read his words! And I was reading the New Testaments and was so
unbelievably touched by the Love and determination our loving Savior
Had to share his Gospel with the world that I am so grateful and feel
so priveleged to be out doing the same thing! I love this work and I
love love love!! all of you!! Keep up the good work! You are always in
my prayers!! Love you love you love you!!

Love always,

Sister Stones

PS. Also go to It's a cool website!

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