Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Conference What?! Oct 8

Hello Family!!
Holy Cow conference was amazing!! Those men and women are no doubt in my mind men and women called of God. I watched each session at a different place and each one had a different meaning and feel because of it but so needed and my questions were all answered! My oh my if you were busy or didn't get a chance to see them go to and watch it! Your conversion to Jesus Christ will increase 10 fold if you listen and apply the teachings that were taught! And holy cow 18 and 19!! SO GREAT! I cried I was so excited! There are going to be so many more amazing missionaries out because of it! So many amazing changes! Love it!
This week has been amazing!! But sadly I lost my planner and my memory is... all over the place so... I would have a lot to say but I don't remember all I know is that it was so busy we taught lesson after lesson everyday! We are so blessed to be in this area! We meet so many amazing people whether prepared or not for the gospel they are still wonderful! It makes me laugh because even if there is someone not so nice to us, God needed us to be there for them to get mad at someone so we are the perfect people, and it happens so rarly I couldn't even give you an example. ha Sister Rozsa is hilarious, [side note: I am sitting here typing and all the sudden I hear a little tearing and then in her most pleasant voice she says, "MMM Splenda is delicious!"..... hahahahahahaha I LOVE HER SO MUCH!] she makes me laugh all the time and she is such a great teacher! I am very blessed to be here with her training me!
I am so sorry this letter is so short. I made a new planner and maybe next week i wont be so scatter brained haha but I seriously can't think of anything else to type besides that I love you all and you are always in my prayers! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! I am excited to see where the Lord will place me these next months and who I will get to meet and invite to come closer to christ! It is so worth everything! You are all amazing and keep up the hard work!

Love you,
Sister Stones

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