Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loving the Work Sept. 10

I am sitting her in the library just finished reading emails and I am smiling from ear to ear! I love hearing everyone's news and I love knowing what is going on in all of your lives! You are amazing and I love you all!! I have to look in my planner to remember what happend this week because I feel like it was month long with all the amazing miracles that happend! God is so great!! I see miracles daily and I can't believe he trusts me so much! First off I am terrible at writting in my Journal! I try so hard to make time but I feel like I need an entire day to write all the details I want to write haha!! ANYWAY! back to miracles! I love Darlene! That is all I have to say, she is my favorite person and I know she is beginning to feel the Saviors love for her more and more each week. She refuses to go to church with us till God gives her a sign that she needs to go, but she is warming up to the idea and yesterday she called and left a message that said, "Hey ya'll I'm just callin to call, hope church went good. K bye." hahahaha I love her!!
(ps I am at the library and my time is running short so I am just going to write about Saturday because it was CRAZY amazing full of miracles and yeah!!) Ok saturday we had a FULL day. To the Max!! From 10 am - 9:15 we had our day scheduled! It started out with a new friend we met his name is Frank, (old man lives alone, LOVES Mitt Romney and mormons haha) We met him street contacting and he said he would call us and figure out a time which normally means we wont ever talk to them again but HE CALLED so we set a time and went and taught him! He was SO great! He has so many questions was completely straight forward, wanted the facts, and was amazing! I LOVE teaching people that are blunt and straight forward because then we can do the same, and they are fine with it. So that was miracle one. Our next appointment was with Patrick. Young guy, knows the church is true and everything with it but doesn't have time to go to church and a couple other things because his work schedule is SO crazy (kind of reminded me of me before my mission) so we had a quick lesson to help him and answered questions and that was miracle 2 (because he had been so busy we hadn't seen him in 2 and a half weeks). We went and saw our beautiful Taneala (I know you have no idea who any of these people are but it's ok just know that they are amazing!) She is 26 and homeless and trying to get her life back in order so she can have her 3 kids back and her life is crazy, I am so grateful that God is trusting me in her life to help her find God. She is AMAZING!! She is having a hard time giving up smoking and after our lesson I asked her to give me her cigaretts and she HANDED THEM TO ME! We've been asking her for weeks and that was the first time. So we had her jump on them and then throw them away! (Miracle 3) We street contacted to our next area and met some amazing people we are going to teach and then [I feel like this story is one long run on sentence haha] We were on our way to check on someone else when someone ran out and flagged us down yelling THERE IS A TORNADO ALERT... SAY WHAT?!?! Yeup so we had to go home! Miracle 4! We would have never known because we don't have a TV we would have just kept working and yeah so we went home and then the heavens opened right when we got into our place and it started to dump! It was crazy! [Don't worry mom were safe!] Haha the funny thing is that both of us were super antsy the whole time we were inside! We had NO idea what to do! We wanted to be out working but we were told by EVERYONE that we had to stay in. So we did... hahaha.... but right when we had the go to get out of the house, we did and were right back to work! We went and saw Darlene and shared a thought with her [she was not happy that we were biking around in the rain haha] and then we saw Pat! I LOVE PAT! His sense of humor kind of reminds me of dad and I laugh all the time when we are there! He is getting baptized in a couple weeks and we are SO stoked!! He is hilarious everytime we go and teach him he decides he is a different religion (ps he is old and has no teeth, which makes me love him even more) this last time he answered the door and told us, "Hey I'm athiest now!! hehehe.. I'm just kidding." hahahahaha He's amazing!! After we went and dropped our bikes off back at the house and walked to our last appointment, and as we did ALL the power on the streets were out and traffic was psyco! I am suprised no one got in an accident it was crazy, but yeah that lesson was great as well.... So that was saturday!! Miracle after miracle after miracle!! God is so great! and that was the bear minimum of one day hahaI love this work! It truly is the work of Heavenly Father and I am just a broken instrument. But because I am willing and able he can do so much good just because I open my mouth and talk to people. I know that the atonement is real and I use it everyday! I love that I get to repent ALL the time! It keeps me wanting to do better and when I do God blesses me! Yesterday was amazing just for that reason, I was missing everyone back home and also loving the work here so I was in this weird one foot in one foot out kind of mood during chruch, and when we got home I just broke down and told sister rozsa what was happening, we talked it out, read some scriptures together prayed and went to work! And because I was willing to we met at least 10 people that we can teach this next coming week. My mind was blown with the amount of love and blessings we recieved because we were holding our end of the deal to our Heavenly Father! And when we do our end he promises blessings! And I know that this is true and I am so grateful for the knowledge and understanding that I have! I love this work and I love my Father in Heaven! When we do what we are supposed to do everything else will work out! I love it!! Ok well my time is up on the computer at the library so I need to go!
I love you all so much and I hope you all continue to do amazing!!
LOVE, Sister Stones
Pictures:I have no idea what order they are in or what I just attached, some are after biking up a stupid steep hill and it has hot and humid and we were sweaty nasty! haall of the fruit I bought! One is all the food I ate or brought over to eat for studies haha ps I EAT ALL THE TIME! Sister Rozsa and me when we first met!Our bikes "cow and rhino"us wet after one of the MANY rainstorms we have biked in! yeah! I love it!! Miss you all!! next time I will send some from the MTC :) or here is one of sister Arbon so you can see what she looked like! I love her too!! love you all!!! Have a great week!

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