Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Allo! Nov 5

You are all so wonderful!! I LOVE hearing about your weeks they excite me! haha It boggles my mind that people do anything other than missionary work! hahaha I forget what it is like and I haven't even been out that long! I had a reminder when we were doing exchanges and we asked one of our ward missionaries (who are might I add) if she could come to a lesson at 6. But then is fell through and we asked if she would be able to do a different lesson at 8 and she said, "It's super short notice but I will see if I can". What do you mean it's short notice, you were free earlier! Oh yeah I forgot. You aren't just sitting in your house staring at the wall waiting for us to call so you can tag along and teach lessons all day. hahahahaha the life of a missionary is odd. haha Sister Rozsa and I were laughing at how odd we must look to the people in our complex because we always leave and then come back together, besically attached at the hip every day. haha and random people always comment that they see us riding around on our bikes, her always so much farther ahead than me. haha (because I am oober slow) and then I laughed because we got supplies from out Zone leaders and I got a packaged from Deanna they had to bring me and as they drove away they rolled down their window and shouted in a motherly tone, "Talk to strangers!" hahahaha [the same tone mothers say "Don't talk to strangers" in] haha All the things you learn as a child not to do like talk to strangers, go into strangers homes, eat strangers food, hahahahaha I love it!
Anyway, onto missionary stuff! We have had great lessons this week, eerr the rest of the week since the storm. And it didn't even hit very badly here luckly. It was terrible everywhere but here really. It circled around but didn't hit directly so everything is all good! We didn't even lose power. We are very lucky! (can anyone tell me how Scott Whipple is doing? I thought about him during the storm and stuff) um... I am trying to think of something really miraculous that happend, but they were all really great. We did meet a new family to teach! They are great! They are from Peru (thought of you Darlene) and they are Catholic. Very religous but so polite and let us come in and teach them! Emmanuel (20s) Angel (12) and Sergio (50s). I am excited to teach them again this week. My favorite part of teaching the first lesson is getting to quote Joseph Smiths first vision. The spirit is always so strong and yeah I just love it! They are great!
And then we were knocking on doors and ran into Mary. She is about 50 and she lives on her own. She broke both bones in her lower leg 6 months ago and still isn't walking and is bed ridden... we knocked and she said come in and so we did. We taught her a little right there and then went back on sunday and brought her a large print book of Mormon for her to have and taught her the plan of happiness. Which she loved and had so many questions she is having a really hard time right now understanding life and why it is so hard and we were able to bear testimony of so many truths it was really cool. And she is now preparing for baptism in January! We are so excited! she is wonderful!
This week is transfer week so who know's what is going to happen! I could be transfered or stay who knows?! You'll just have to wait till next monday and I don't find out till tomorrow!! I am anxiously waiting! ha I am grateful for change though... it is the only constant haha :)
I love you all and I know that this is Jesus Christs Gospel! He loves us all and just wants us to do all we can to prepare to come home. This life is only but a moment and I am grateful to know my Father in Heaven loves me personally and know exactly what I need when I need it!
This life is just a test, just a moment. How much are you reading and praying and preparing for when Christ comes again? Wont that day be glorious!?! I know I want to be as prepared as possible and God has given us so many cheat sheets!! How often are we using them? I challenge everyone to read from their scritpures a little longer everyday this week, and to stay on their knees a little longer. Really seek for the guidance from Heavenly Father and you will feel him right by your side. I love you all so very much and I can't wait to hear back from you all!! LOVE YOU!!
Sister Stones

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