Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sept 23- Blessings Amid the Storms

Hello Family!

This week has been so eventful! Crazy week indeed!

I don't even know where to start. ha

Ok lets see, well first we didn't have a baptism this week Steven is still really figuring out what he is going to do. SO keep him in your prayers. So we'll pause for a moment with his baptism, He is so amazing!

We had two CRAZY exchanges! and when I say crazy I mean crazy. Let's just say.... Sister Missionaries are so silly! haha For some reason the Elders don't have these problems, the ones where they feel like they have to be perfect all the time, and if they aren't then they are failures! Oh WAIT that's girls in general! Why? It's silly! We are just here to do the best we can, and to rely on the Lord for the strength to keep it up. Anyway, It's all good now, but I am so grateful for the blessings of the spirit to know what to say and how to help these amazing Sisters! I love them so much and am learning so much from them and will continue to do so! I am SO grateful for Momma though, I always pull from things she taught me and it keeps me going and it helps them as well. They keep me on muh toes.

We found a new investigator!! His name is Robert and he is super great! It was Sister Billman (on exchange), Sister Hodgkin, and myself and we were out knocking on doors and knocked on his. We taught him the restoration on his door step, invited him to read the book of Mormon to know if it was true for himself, and to pray to Heavenly Father because He was the one who was going to tell him (Robert) if this was HIS church or not. And he accepted, and I invited him to be baptized into this church if he knew and again he accepted. I know some of your jaws might have just dropped!! you did what when?! On the first visit! Invited him to be baptized?! On his doorstep?! ... Yep! :) I LOVE door step lessons! AND I love inviting people to be baptized! It is such an amazing feeling watching the wheels turn in someones brain as they answer this life changing question! (I have the best life ever!) So he's great!

We also put Debbie on date for baptism! For the 26th of October! And she said she would definitely pray about it! We taught her with our member Angie Gretz (who is a convert of about 3 years) and it was amazing they talked most of the time and we listened and taught here and there but it was really good for Debbie to see someone not raised in the church and their story! LOVE HER! She also looked at me with these little squinty eyes and said, "How much longer to I have you here with me? I know you do this weeks then you gone business and you've been around for a while." haha I told her when transfers were and then I had no idea if I was going to stay or go. But I would definitely be at her baptism whenever that would be! :) It has been amazing teaching her!

Oh and then for the Lesson topper! On Saturday it rained.... all day! We had planned on going to see our investigator Tim later that night but felt like we should stop by around 6ish, so we did and he was home and at first he said, "You guys are early!" we asked if there were any females home and he said no and so we had to stay outside, he tried to get us to just come back another time and we just kept talking and ended up teaching him as we stood outside in the pouring rain getting completely drenched, under a tiny umbrella and he stood inside. We taught him the restoration of the gospel and answered all his questions (he asks really great ones) and invited him to read and to pray so he would find out for himself. The spirit was so strong. Then Sister Hodgkin invited him to be baptized on November 2nd. The spirit was even stronger then, and he said if he knew he would be the first in line. We invited him to pray right there and to ask and he tried to push it off on me to pray and I said, "He hears from me all day, he wants to hear from you." and so he did. It was a sweet and simple prayer and it was perfect. After ward we sat there quietly and he said... "woah". :) Don't ya just love the spirit? I do. I smiled from ear to ear as I knew (and he knew) that the Lord had answered his prayer. It was really cool!!

Right before his lesson we got a phone call from President Riggs telling us there was going to be a mix up in our companionship and that Sister Hodgkin was going to be leaving and serving in Kingstowne (where I was!) and that another sister, Sister Christensen would be coming to us (with a switch in the middle). It was sad I love Sister Kodgkin!! But I love change so bring it on! And then he proceeded to tell us that we had to make it all happen haha and before church.... Our church starts at 9. SO Sunday morning we were up at 4:30 and out by 5. In Kingstowne by 6, and Chantilly by 7 and then home again by 7:30-8 just in time to gather things get some breakfast and rush to church! I WAS TIRED! But we had two people come to church! Man this week has just been full of miracle after miracle. When I am in the middle of it, I don't see as many, but when I look back. Man the Lord has most certainly been there! So we have a new companion. She is adorable! We will keep her till transfers next week and then see what happens from there.
Wow that was a long one! Sorry if there were some dry places! haha my brain is still feelin the lack of sleep with all the crazy, but I wouldn't change it for anything! I love everyone so much and hope everyone has an amazing week!!!

Love you all,
Sister Stones

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